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11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Steel Wedge' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'This Love' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Walk' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Rise' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'I Love My Parents' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Regular People (Conceit)' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Bleeding Walls' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'No Good (Attack The Radical)' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Oh Jeez…' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Mouth For War' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Gorey Head Stump' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Live In A Hole' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Cattle Prod' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Hollow' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Bob Log III: 'Slide Guitar Ride Junior' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'Fucking Hostile' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Skid's Looking Where' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'By Demons Be Driven' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Nosin'' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Pantera: 'A New Level' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Home Run Derby - Main Theme' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Leonard Cohen: 'Everybody Knows' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Giant Robot Theme' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Led Zeppelin: 'South Bound Saurez' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Diabolical Minds' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Led Zeppelin: 'Celebration Day' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Buddy In The Graveyard' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm David Bowie: 'Ziggy Stardust' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm Buckethead: 'Alice In Slaughterland' 8/24/2014
11:00 pm David Bowie: 'Suffragette City' 8/24/2014

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WORT Music Charts for the week beginning 8/18/14

08/20/14 1:30 PM | Sybil Augustine

catfish ramblers It’s another happening music week around Madison, as we had old-time virtuosos Drunken Catfish Ramblers play live on the air this Monday. Check out the audio archive for Global Revolutions to hear them in the last hour of the show.

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WORT Music Charts for the week beginning August 4, 2014

08/5/14 3:21 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day 3 WORT’s weekly charts of the top new music releases getting played in the genres of rock, metal, electronic, hiphop, jazz, world and more.

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Live on King Street announces final headliner

07/21/14 8:01 PM | Sybil Augustine

h and h small The Majestic Theatre’s 4th annual Live on King Street lineup is complete! The fifth and final evening on September 19 will end with The Head and the Heart. This free, all ages event finishes out the summer series of similar shows featuring Cracker (July 25), Ziggy Marley (August 8) and Deer Tick (August 22).

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BandSwap 2014: Winners Announced

07/18/14 11:01 AM | Kelsey

madison band swap photos Madison BandSwap 2014 has announced its winners!

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Funky roots world music from The Budos Band at the Majestic!

07/10/14 1:29 PM | Sybil Augustine

Web_Image_-_The_Budos_Band-543x320 On Friday, The Budos Band will shake the Majestic dance floor with deep funk grooves. Tickets are still available for this early evening, all ages show at the Majestic box office.

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Sensible haircuts Factotum

11/20/12 1:55 AM | Lucas

Tonight you will hear the entire factotum soundtrack along with sensible haircuts by the Bin Min In its entirety. If you miss any of it please check it out on the archive the link is on the right side of the screen

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The Company Band

08/2/12 2:41 AM | Lucas

To access the links in this post click on the title For the last two weeks we’ve been featuring the new album by The Company Band PROS & CONS, if you missed it please check out our archives on the right side of the screen. In the coming weeks you will hear new selections from ipecac records. If you go to you will be brought to our fancy new WORT website please check here for playlist updates following Rolling with Scissors.

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