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1:51 am Wilko Johnson/ Roger Daltrey: 'Ice On The Motorway' 4/18/2014
1:48 am Ty Segall: 'Sad Fuzz' 4/18/2014
1:44 am Shearwater: 'Natural One' 4/18/2014
1:41 am Tijuana Bullfight: 'Other Than Me' 4/18/2014
1:38 am Luther Dickinson: 'Vandalize' 4/18/2014
1:27 am Hookworms: 'Away / Towards' 4/18/2014
1:23 am Perfect Pussy: 'BELLS' 4/18/2014
1:22 am Stone Axe: 'Slave Of Fear' 4/18/2014
1:18 am Mirkwood: 'Take My Love' 4/18/2014
1:13 am The Socks: 'New Kings' 4/18/2014
1:02 am Jefferson Airplane: 'Wooden Ships' 4/18/2014
12:58 am Joe South: 'Hush' 4/18/2014
12:54 am The Chris Farlowe Band: 'Only Women Bleed' 4/18/2014
12:48 am Tom Jones: 'Right Place, Wrong Time' 4/18/2014
12:45 am The Vindictives: 'Robot Man' 4/18/2014
12:38 am The Kundelas: 'Born To Raise Hell' 4/18/2014
12:30 am Creedence Clearwater Revival: 'Green River/Suzie Q (Live in Stockholm 9/21/71)' 4/18/2014
12:25 am Canned Heat: 'Canned Heat' 4/18/2014
12:21 am Blue Ruin: 'What A Helluva Woman' 4/18/2014
12:18 am Rock City Angels: 'Deep Inside My Heart' 4/18/2014
12:14 am SCREAMING TREES: 'Forever' 4/18/2014
12:10 am Krokus: 'Go Baby Go' 4/18/2014
12:06 am Y&T: 'Squeeze' 4/18/2014
12:01 am Thin Lizzy: 'Blues Boy' 4/18/2014
11:53 pm The Magic Band: 'Hot Head (Live)' 4/17/2014
11:50 pm Melvins with JG Thirlwell: 'Breaking Glass' 4/17/2014
11:40 pm Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention: 'Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder' 4/17/2014
11:38 pm Beach Boys: 'Gettin' Hungry' 4/17/2014
11:34 pm Emitt Rhodes: 'Long Time No See' 4/17/2014
11:32 pm The Monkees: 'You Just May Be the One' 4/17/2014

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The Vinyl Resting Place
The Vinyl Resting Place
Thursdays @ 11:00 pm
Vinyl Richie
The Vinyl Resting Place is a blazing sonic mixture of Barn Stormin' Toe Tappin' String Bendin' Head Bangin' sounds from Rock-n-Roll's Past, Present and Future. In 2009, your host – Vinyl Richie – (Rock Junkie + Musical Obsessive) rose from the ashes of WORT's Monster Crawfish Road Rally Extravaganza to create the Vinyl Resting Place for the airwaves. Radio that is always evolving, both timeless and avant-garde, like a Lava Lamp for your ears. Tune in and turn it up!
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