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3:41 pm DEATH: 'We are only people' 4/11/2014
3:38 pm Sons of Atom: 'Escape from the Vortex' 4/11/2014
3:34 pm Call Me Lightning: 'Pigeon Blood' 4/11/2014
3:30 pm Total Control: 'Scene from a Marriage' 4/11/2014
3:29 pm Off!: 'Legion of Evil' 4/11/2014
3:27 pm The Faint: 'SCAPEGOAT' 4/11/2014
3:24 pm Trin Tran: 'Far Reaches' 4/11/2014
3:23 pm Trin Tran: 'Hearts R Serious' 4/11/2014
3:21 pm Jean-Claude Vannier: 'Saturnin Vaca Vaca' 4/11/2014
3:18 pm The Persuasions: 'Electric Aunt Jemima' 4/11/2014
3:15 pm Cowboy Winter: 'Did You Ever' 4/11/2014
3:12 pm Cowboy Winter: 'The Difficult One' 4/11/2014
3:09 pm Sky Road Fly: 'Drift King' 4/11/2014
3:06 pm Jake Bugg: 'Slumville Sunrise' 4/11/2014
3:03 pm The Strypes: 'Blue Collar Jane' 4/11/2014
2:59 pm The Men: 'GOING DOWN' 4/11/2014
2:56 pm Woodsman: 'In The End Remember When?' 4/11/2014
2:53 pm The Black Angels: 'Diamond Eyes' 4/11/2014
2:50 pm Burnt Ones: 'New Heros of Subscription Services' 4/11/2014
2:46 pm Marissa Nadler: 'Was It A Dream' 4/11/2014
2:43 pm Beck: 'Turn Away' 4/11/2014
2:38 pm The Hold Steady: 'The Ambassador' 4/11/2014
2:34 pm Pixies: 'Greens and Blues' 4/11/2014
2:30 pm She Rex: 'THE HEIST' 4/11/2014
2:26 pm Wild Moccasins: 'Sponge Won't Soak' 4/11/2014
2:22 pm Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks: 'Little Fang' 4/11/2014
2:19 pm Part Time: 'My Lover' 4/11/2014
2:17 pm Spike: 'E.S. Rever' 4/11/2014
2:11 pm Julianna Barwick: 'The Harbinger' 4/11/2014
2:08 pm Warpaint: 'Billie Holiday' 4/11/2014

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Mac McCaughan Interview On WORT

01/23/14 11:18 AM | Kelsey

i hate music On Friday afternoon’s ” Who Cooks For You?” on January 16th, Mac McCaughan of the band Superchunk was interviewed by The Real Jaguar and Jim Wilson (of the Original Wilson Brothers). He discussed his headlining the last show of FRZN Fest on Sunday, January 18th – as well as his own experience with music, his band’s new album “I Hate Music, and other upcoming shows.  

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WORT DJs spin live on Willy St. Sunday

09/20/13 1:54 PM | Sybil Augustine

record store day Our Underground Stage on Sept. 22 also features several WORT radio hosts spinning music before, between and after the bands. Kicking it off at 11:30 am is Cardinal Din, host of “Feed Me Weird Things” late night Saturdays, until Oedipus Tex takes the stage at noon. He’ll be followed by The Real Jaguar of Friday afternoon’s “Who Cooks For You?” bringing you music before a set by Cowboy Winter; then “Global Revolutions” will commence as Monday morning world fusion host Martin Alvarado selects the beats leading up to the ska-punk of 4 Aspiring Morning. After 4AM kicks it into high gear, DJ El Serpentine’s “Rattlesnake Shake” as heard here some Friday evenings follows, leading into Dick the Bruiser. Between DTB and Venus In Furs you’ll hear the sounds of “Kosmic Radiation” brought to you by Dave 3000 of late night Thursdays fame, and then we’ll slink into the “Leopard Print Lounge,” usually only open Tuesday nights at 11 pm, where your hostess Jenni will rock you up till White Mystery takes the stage for the final set of the day. She’ll also be spinning a “cool down” set if time permits. Check out all these shows in our online archives, and don’t be shy about coming up to say Hello and give kudos to your favorite rock DJs at our stage in the 800 block of Williamson Street at the far west end of the fair. You’ll also find our tent with a huge blowout sale of used and new CDs in all genres, all to be had for just a song….it’s the last sale of the season, so come and take a chance on some new music at bargain prices, and we really hope you enjoy all the entertainment at this year’s Fair!!

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Now’s the time to VOTE WORT!!!

03/27/13 8:06 PM | Sybil Augustine

mamas_logo WORT Radio is up for a MAMA award again this year, and several of our DJs and staff have also made it to the final round in the MAMAs. Check out www.themamas.org and see if any of your favorite radio, industry, or musician people are nominated. Online voting is open until May 17th. The MAMAS [Madison Area Music Awards] were created to honor Madison area musicians and supporters and we’re always nominated [and so far, have always won] for Favorite Radio Station. Not only have we made it to the final voting round again, but in addition, a couple of our hosts are still in the running for Local Music Radio Personality: Bill Malone of Back To The Country, and Rockin’ John of I Like It Like That. Also, DJ The Real Jaguar is a nominee for Favorite DJ [for spinning in clubs], and WORT Music Director Sybil Augustine is competing with 3 others to be named Local Music Fan of the Year!!  [I really think Madison's music scene is quite fantastic right now, and I do champion it every chance I get.--Sybil] Also, the CD of protest music that came out last year entitled Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising is up for Best Compilation Album along with some of the individual songs nominated in various categories. If you want to see what the MAMA’s website looks like, check it out at www.themamas.org and you can vote now for a mere $5 donation, which goes to support bringing musical instruments into area middle and high schools. Register and vote at http://www.broadjam.com/mama/ through May 17. Thanks SO MUCH for your continued support, WORT fans!!

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