Newly-Released Nixon Tapes

Monday, 9 September 2013 | A Public Affair

Our host John Quinlan analyzed the newly-released Nixon Tapes with UW-Madison Professor Stanley Kutler on Monday September 9th. Kutler has already made monumental contributions with his writings and teaching about American history, but two weeks ago, he also made history himself, by prevailing in a case he won against the National Archives. By winning this case, 340 hours of the infamous Nixon tapes of Oval Office recordings are now available to the historic record, and the American public.

Quinlan and Kutler discussed the enigmatic Richard Nixon and the history behind these new tapes and what they reveal. According to our host John Quinlan, “As someone who was an avid Watergate-phile in my early teen years, this is a subject with endless fascination for me. It’s an era of US history that must not be forgotten, with many resonances in the here and now.”

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