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A Public Affair is WORT‘s daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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Anti-Mining Activism

07/12/13 2:41 PM | A Public Affair

Penokee waterway The potential strip mine in the Penokee hills has sparked debate and controversy on both sides of the issue. On the Friday, July 12th A Public Affair, sub host Rebecca Kemble talked with a panel of people involved in the anti-mining activism.

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Egypt Explained

07/11/13 1:59 PM | A Public Affair

huge-cairo-protest Following days of protests and army ultimatums, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was deposed on July 4th, 2013. Now, with an interim President ruling the country, an election date next year, and protestors of both sides filling the streets of Cairo, the question must be asked – what now? On the Thurday, July 11th A Public Affair, host Allen Ruff was joined by Joel Beinen, history professor and expert of Egyptian studies at Stanford, to talk about where Egypt might go from here.

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Temp Work Looking More Permanent

07/10/13 3:11 PM | A Public Affair

temp jobs Job creation has long been a hot-button item for Americans and lawmakers. As the number of temporary workers continues to hike, however, maybe the discussion we need to have is one on the kinds of jobs that are being created.

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WI Budget: Local Effects

07/9/13 1:36 PM | A Public Affair

WI Budget On the Tuesday, July 9th A Public Affair, host Carousel Bayrd was joined by Representative Terese Berceau and Representative Melissa Sargent to discuss the local impacts of the Wisconsin State Budget.

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No More Deaths

07/8/13 1:40 PM | A Public Affair

No More Deaths volunteers carrying water into the desert. Copyright: No More Deaths. The latest immigration reform bill has been hailed as a “fix to our broken immigration system” by Obama and other lawmakers – but is that the whole story?

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Facebook: Activism in the Future?

07/5/13 1:41 PM | A Public Affair

On the Friday, July 5th A Public Affair Yuri Rashkin was joined by Adam Rutherford and Bryan Bliss, Facebook gurus, to discuss Facebook as a tool for businesses, politics and activism.

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07/4/13 1:31 PM | A Public Affair

This 4th of July, Allen Ruff was joined by Bob McChesney to talk about his latest book co-authored with John Nichols, “Dollarocracy”. “Dollarocracy” examines what happens to a democracy when big money is involved in elections.

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What Soliders Do: Sex and the American GI in WWII France

07/3/13 2:13 PM | A Public Affair

(Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt/Pix Inc./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images) Traditionally, Americans have been presented with the picture of American GIs swooping in on D-Day to rescue the French, including the forever-grateful French women. Mary Louise Roberts, a U.W. Madison French history professor, re-researches the typical portrayals of French-U.S. relations and more critically examines this idealistic picture of the “French kiss”.

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Monona’s Anti-Bullying Ordinance

07/2/13 2:17 PM | A Public Affair

On Tuesday, July 2nd, A Public Affair’s Carousel Bayrd premiered her first show! She discussed Monona’s new anti-bullying ordinance, which permits police to fine parents if their child bullies another child.

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Supreme Court Rulings Display Contradiction

07/1/13 2:27 PM | A Public Affair

On Monday’s A Public Affair John Quinlan was joined by civil rights attorneys Glorily Lopez and Christopher Krimmer. He also played segments of an exclusive taped interview with US Rep. Mark Pocan. The show followed a week when the US Supreme Court advanced gay marriage, while setting back voting rights, in a week when the Senate also passed a landmark immigration bill that has major problems. It was a contradiction of progress and set-backs.

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A Public Affair is WORT's daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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