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A Public Affair is WORT‘s daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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A New Approach to Lawrence of Arabia

08/12/13 2:06 PM | A Public Affair

The Cover of Lawrence in Arabia On Monday August 12th, sub host Norm Stockwell interviewed author Scott Anderson about a new book, “Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East” on the historical figure, T.E. Lawrence.

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Veterans from the National Veterans for Peace Conference

08/9/13 2:25 PM | A Public Affair

Close GITMO In the midst of the National Veterans for Peace Conference here in Madison, on our Friday August 9th show, guest host Andrés Thomas Conteris sat down with Brian Willson and Scott Olsen to discuss their tours and war experience and why they decided to get involved with Veterans for Peace.

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A Permanent War State

08/8/13 2:13 PM | A Public Affair

United States Flag On Thursday August 8th, host Allen Ruff spoke with David Swanson about United State’s militarism and the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. David Swanson is the author of: “War is a Lie” and “Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union”. He is also a blogger for War is a Crime.org and a Co-Founder of AfterDowningStreet.org, creator of ConvictBushCheney.org and Washington Director of Democrats.com, a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, the Backbone Campaign, and Voters for Peace, a member of the legislative working group of United for Peace and Justice, chair of the UFPJ working group on Accountability and Prosecution, and a member of the Robert Jackson Steering Committee.

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Public Access to the State Capitol

08/7/13 2:09 PM | A Public Affair

Free Speech What does freedom of speech really mean? How can we better understand the dilemma and tension over public access to the Capital and what are the implications for our politics and our government system? On Wednesday August 8th, host Tim Hansel talked with local first amendment lawyer Jeff Scott Olson and Robert Asen, Professor of Communication Arts and resident fellow for the Institute for Research in the Humanities to answer these questions.

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The Affordable Care Act: A Basic Breakdown

08/6/13 2:13 PM | A Public Affair

U.S. Flag The Affordable Care Act. What is it? What are the implications that it could have on the state of Wisconsin? On Tuesday August 6th, Kevin Hayden, CEO of Group Health Cooperative, Kevin Kane, Health Care Organizer with Citizen Action, and Scott Rippe from GHC Marketing sat down with host Carousel Bayrd to breakdown the Affordable Health Care Act for listeners.

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Contemporary Turkey at a Crossroads

08/5/13 2:19 PM | A Public Affair

Turkish Flag Turkey jails more journalists than any other country in the world – yet still it draws them. On Monday August 5th, Jenna Pope and Barbara Wright joined our host John Quinlan on A Public Affair to discuss contemporary and historical Turkey, its recent volatile political history, and its status as a place of progress.

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Are Our First Amendment Rights in Danger?

08/2/13 2:15 PM | A Public Affair

First amendment rights On Friday August 2nd, war veteran and Veterans for Peace activist Will Williams and Jason Huberty joined our host Esty Dinur early on in the show to talk about being arrested at the capital yesterday during the solidarity sing-a-long. Williams was not only arrested yesterday at the solidarity sing-a-long, but he was also injured from being pushed down the stairs at the capital. Huberty was also arrested at the capital yesterday for participating in the sing-a-long and for criminal trespassing. On the second part of the show, Adam Klasfeld of Courthouse News joined us from inside the the Bradley Manning trial to discuss his findings. James Goodale, who represented the New York Times when President Nixon attempted to stop the publication of the Pentagon Papers also joined the conversation about the future of investigative journalism.

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The Veterans for Peace National Convention 2013

08/1/13 1:44 PM | A Public Affair

The National Veterans for Peace Convention 2013 In the United States, citizens are very vocal about supporting our troops; however, expressing support for our veterans is a different story. On Thursday August 1st, host Allen Ruff spoke with anti-war activist and wife of U.S. war resister, Nicole Marie Guiniling and local Veterans for Peace activist Norm Aulabaugh about the concerns of veterans as the upcoming Veterans for Peace National Convention 2013 here in Madison approaches.

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Youth Activists of Madison’s ExpresARTE

07/31/13 1:59 PM | A Public Affair

Storytelling Wisconsin public schools have one of the highest graduation rates in the country; however, we also have one of largest gaps between White and Latino graduation rates. With rates like this, organizations like Madison’s ExpresARTE are a crucial part in closing the gap between White and Latino students. On Wednesday July 31st, host Karma Chavez sat down with youth activists from Madison’s ExpresARTE to talk about their work and the influence the group has had on the minority youth of Madison.

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An Issue of Women’s Health or Politics?

07/30/13 2:13 PM | A Public Affair

Planned Parenthood logo New regulations have been enacted to restrict the reproductive rights of women in Wisconsin. On Tuesday July 30th, host Carousel Bayrd spoke with Lester Pines, a Senior Partner at Cullen Weston Pines and Bach LLP, about the new law and the lawsuit against it.

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A Public Affair is WORT's daily hour-long talk program. It aims to engage listeners in a conversation on social, cultural, and political issues of importance. The guests range from local activists and scholars to notable national and international figures.

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