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  • Is Ferguson Feeding on the Poor? City Disproportionately Stops, Charges and Fines People of Color August 27, 2014
    As the police killing of Michael Brown has focused global attention on the racial divide in the counties in and surrounding St. Louis, Missouri, a new report may explain why residents’ mistrust of the police runs so deep. It shows how a large part of the revenue for these counties comes from fines paid by African-American residents who are disproportionately […]
  • NSA Creates Google-Like Search Engine to Help Other Agencies Access Collected Phone, Email Records August 27, 2014
    A new report by The Intercept news site reveals the National Security Agency is secretly providing troves of data to nearly two dozen government agencies using a "Google-like" search engine. Documents from Edward Snowden provide proof that for years the NSA has made data directly available to domestic law enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcem […]
  • "The Damage is Beyond Imagination in Gaza": Journalist Mohammed Omer on Ceasefire Deal & Rebuilding August 27, 2014
    Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to an indefinite ceasefire, ending Israel's 50-day assault on the Gaza Strip. Palestinian health officials say 2,139 people, most of them civilians -- including more than 490 children -- were killed in the Israeli offensive. Israel's death toll stood at 64 soldiers and six civilians. The ceasefire deal was medi […]
  • Headlines for August 27, 2014 August 27, 2014
    Ceasefire Ends 50-Day Israeli Assault of Gaza, Report: U.S. Recruiting Allies for Airstrikes in Syria, U.S. Citizen Killed While Fighting for Islamic State, Afghan Candidate Boycotts Audit of Presidential Vote, NATO Plans New Bases in Eastern Europe over Ukraine Crisis, British Nurse Receives Experimental Ebola Drug, Peaceful Protests Resume in Ferguson and […]
  • Vijay Prashad: 2011 NATO Bombing of Libya Led to Rise of Militias Now Fighting for Oil-Rich Land August 26, 2014
    Libya is experiencing its most intense fighting since the 2011 NATO-backed campaign to remove Muammar Gaddafi. On Monday, the Libyan Parliament that was replaced in an election in June reconvened and chose an Islamist-backed deputy as the new prime minister. This now leaves Libya with two rival leaders and assemblies, each backed by armed factions. Meanwhile […]
  • There's Something Wrong in America: Michael Brown's Funeral Sparks Calls for an Enduring Movement August 26, 2014
    More than 2,500 people filled the sanctuary of Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis for Michael Brown's funeral. Another 2,000 packed into overflow rooms. Speakers included Rev. Al Sharpton, attorney Benjamin Crump and Brown's cousin, Ty Pruitt. "America is going to have to come to terms with, there's something wrong tha […]

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