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Why Jon Richards is Running for Attorney General

02/19/14 6:41 PM | Molly Stentz

Jon Richards State Representative Jon Richards on why he believes he should be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.

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Frostbite: What You Need To Know

01/26/14 10:25 PM | ioby

snow021308a In Our Backyard’s Jake Harper, our transplant from Atlanta, needed to hear first hand some of the dangers of this phenomenon we call ‘cold.’

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UW Researchers Discover Cosmic Particles In Antarctica

11/22/13 6:37 PM | ioby

IceCube_exterior University of Wisconsin researchers have made a major scientific discovery deep below the antarctic tundra.

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Koch Caller Responds To Walker

11/22/13 5:52 PM | ioby

4d65396d87942.preview-300 Buffalo Beast Editor and David Koch impersonator Ian Murphy tells In Our Backyard’s Rebekah Wilce that Gov. Walker unfairly blames his staff and “basically lies” when recounting the now-infamous “Koch Call” in the Governor’s new book, Unintimidated.

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Exclusive: Inside Madison’s Snuggle House

11/22/13 4:06 PM | ioby

979914_211151462399820_1510991664_o The Snuggle House is a new business in Madison that offers “therapeutic, non-sexual touch” for an hourly fee. After a month-long battle with the city over concerns of prostitution, they finally opened.

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Ozanne Running For Attorney General

11/8/13 1:36 PM | ioby

Ozanne-head-shot_7-1-11 In Our Backyard producer Dylan Brogan asks Ismael Ozanne about the issues he’ll focus on if elected and about being labeled an “extreme partisan” by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

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Government Shutdown and Astronomy

11/8/13 3:48 AM | Radio Astronomy

govtshutdown Listen as we explore the myriad of negative effects the government shutdown is having on American science, astronomy, and NASA.

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Voyager 1: The Most Distant Human-Made Object

11/8/13 3:31 AM | Radio Astronomy

voyager1 The Voyager 1 spacecraft has officially reached interstellar space. After making the first close passages of Jupiter and Saturn, Voyager 1 has been traveling through the outer Solar System for over 36 years, and has finally passed beyond the edge.

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Mission to Mars

11/8/13 3:11 AM | Radio Astronomy

missiontomars Have you ever wanted to visit Mars? Many different types of missions to the Red Planet are currently being considered, and volunteers might be needed to man these missions. Tune in to learn how your next vacation could become otherworldly!

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More Citizen Science!

11/8/13 3:01 AM | Radio Astronomy

morecitizensci Learn even more about how to help astronomers sift through huge amounts of data to make truly amazing discoveries! SETI@Home and The Milky Way Project are just two of the projects you can get involved in as a citizen scientist.

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