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Harsh conditions on Venus

05/21/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

Venus The Planets series continues with Venus, Earth’s hot and vicious neighbor.

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Cold and hot Mercury

05/14/13 6:55 PM | Radio Astronomy

Mercury The Planets series starts with the closest planet to the Sun; Mercury!

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Molecular Clouds!

04/30/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

Horsehead Nebula In this special, double-length feature Blakesley comes back from Brazil and fills us in on all the cool Astronomy she did there. Jenna and Blakesley discuss what makes molecular clouds so cool.

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Space Weather

04/16/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

Solar Flare Tonight we’re talking all about the weather, Space Weather! We talk about how the Sun influences the space around Earth and take a look at the aurora forecast for the next few months.

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Live from Kitt Peak

04/9/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

Kitt Peak National Observatory This week we hear from Arthur, who is on an observing run at Kitt Peak National Observatory just outside Tucson, Az. What is life like for Astronomers when they’re up on a mountain? Listen to find out!

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Ice Cube, Neutrinos, and Dark Matter!

04/2/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

Credit: Steve Yunck / NSF The Ice Cube Neutrino Telescope run by the UW Physics Department has recently made discoveries that shed more light on mysterious dark matter!

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The Planck Telescope and the CMB

03/26/13 7:00 PM | Radio Astronomy

The CMB. Credit: NASA The Planck Space Telescope looks at the oldest light in the Universe: the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). What can it tell us about about how space itself evolved?

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Venerable Milwaukee Radio Station Drops Local Talk

02/28/13 7:49 PM | Molly Stentz

WMCS After 20 years on the air, a venerable black-owned community radio station has dropped its local talk programming. Earlier this week, the owners of Milwaukee’s WMCS 1290 AM pulled the plug on its local hosts.

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Reactions to State of the State

01/16/13 3:21 PM | Molly Stentz

State Capitol The Solidarity Singers and other peaceful protesters camped out in front of the Assembly chambers during Governor Walker’s State of the State Address last night. In Our Backyard producer Dylan Brogan was also there and he caught up with a few local democrats to get their reaction to the Governor’s big speech. He spoke to State Representative Dianne Hesselbein from Middleton, Milwaukee State Rep. Jon Richards, and Representative Melissa Sargent from Madison.

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New Dining Guide for Madison

12/7/12 4:58 PM | Molly Stentz

forkandknife Madison is a food conscious town. We are blessed with abundance. Over the past twenty years, the number of restaurants in the city has exploded. But, faced with so many choices, how do you make a choice?   Well, if you thought the only ways to judge a restaurant are by its atmosphere, its service, or the taste of its food… you would be wrong. The Workers’ Rights Center and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice of South Central Wisconsin just gave you a new way: a guide to how local restaurants treat their workers.   The Just Dining Guide to restaurants in the downtown Madison area grades 139 restaurants in six categories. Restaurants are ….

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