November 21, 2013 — Victorian Eyes // Quantitative Methods in the Humanities and Arts

Thursday, 21 November 2013 | Science

Tonight’s show is produced and hosted by Kaitlin Stack Whitney and engineered by Matthew Zmudka.


Our guests tonight are Dr. Carrie Roy, Dr. Fred Boehm, and Catherine DeRose. They come from three very different backgrounds and are collaborating on an interdisciplinary project called Victorian Eyes. It’s using quantitative methods for text analysis and creating art to display the results. Much more information can be found on their website:


Their bios from their website:

Fred Boehm, M.D., is a Ph.D. student in Statistics and a postdoctoral fellow at the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center. He develops methods for high-dimensional statistical inference with applications to genomics, cancer biology, and text mining.

Catherine DeRose is a PhD Candidate in English literature. Her work focuses on nineteenth-century British literature, digital studies, and print culture.

Carrie Roy, Ph.D. is coordinator for the Humanities Research Bridge and through her research and art explores physical and digital “interfaces” as they relate to cultural ideas and how they serve to order and convey information. Her interests span ethnography, technology, and art.


We’ll soon put the streaming audio here. In the meantime, download or stream it via the WORT archive here:



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