Pagan Roots of Christmas

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 | A Public Affair

Today maybe Christmas Day, but what is the real meaning of Christmas? What are the Pagan origins and history of Christmas that influence our Christmas traditions? Find out on this edition of A Public Affair!

On Wednesday December 25th, our host Tim Hansel discussed the Pagan roots of Christmas with Circle Sanctuary’s Selena Fox.

Fox defined Paganism for our us and gave us an in-depth perspective of its origins. Fox then explained how it has been adapted over time. Hansel and Fox also discussed the tension between Christmas being a Christian holiday and the history of the Winter Solstice and its ties with Christmas. Fox also stressed that one of the most important elements to remember is that we need to reclaim the original spirit of Winter Solstice, which is to be kind to one another and making peace.




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