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Fair Housing Council

07/17/13 3:42 PM | buzz

fair housing Laurel Bastian of the Fair Housing Council joined Jan Miyasaki on the 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss the work of the Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison and the work they do to eliminate discrimination in housing. In her words, they seek to ensure that “nothing comes between an individual and the housing that they qualify for” and that there are racially and economically integrated housing patterns across Madison and Dane County.

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Papa and Me: The Perils of Patriarchy

07/17/13 10:06 AM | buzz

Catherine Mich is author of “Papa And Me: The Perils of Patriarchy”. A former nun with the Order of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she was involved in a movement to bring the Catholic Church to the left during the Vatican Second Council. She joined Jan Miyasaki on the July 17th 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss her history and her recent book.

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Justice? is Served

07/17/13 9:57 AM | buzz

Treyvon Martin In a decision that has been accused of racial bias, George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Treyvon Martin on July 13th, 2013. Margaret Kimberly, writer for Black Agenda Report, joined Jan Miyasaki on the Wednesday 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss her views on the shooting, the trial and ultimately the acquittal.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

07/16/13 1:46 PM | buzz

research servicere sources On the Tuesday, July 16th 8 O’Clock Buzz, host Aaron Perry expanded his discussion of Alzheimer’s in African-American communities with Charlie Daniel and Carol Hutchinson of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, a branch of the U.W.-Madison Department of Medicine. Listen to the entire interview:

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Wisconsin Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance

07/16/13 1:13 PM | buzz

alzheimers walk Charlie Daniel, Kristin Larson and Patricia Wilson of the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance joined Aaron Perry on the Tuesday, July 16th Buzz to discuss the impacts of this disease and how to recognize it. They are especially interested in outreach to African American communities, who have a higher chance of contracting the disease and a lower chance of being diagnosed.

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Monsanto vs. Evolution

07/15/13 12:57 PM | buzz

Herbicide increase Mother Jones Food and Agriculture reporter Tom Philpott joined the Monday 8 O’Clock Buzz for his monthly check-in with Brian Standing. Today’s topic: an arms race between plant evolution and Monsanto.

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Capitol Access Decision

07/15/13 12:56 PM | buzz

WI Capitol Donald Downs, legal constitutional scholar at U.W.-Madison, joined Brian Standing on the Buzz to discuss the good and the bad of the federal court’s Capitol access decision.

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Madison Arts Extract

07/15/13 12:35 PM | buzz

arts extract On the Monday, July 15th 8 O’Clock Buzz, Scott Gordon joined host Brian Standing to discuss his podcast project Madison Arts Extract. In the wake of The Onion and the Madison AV club leaving the city, this podcast program seeks to fill the gap for local arts events.

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Local Comedy Goes Back to High School

07/12/13 4:27 PM | buzz

whats your damage Have you ever wanted to go back and re-live some of your most embarrassing high-school moments – with an adult perspective? Comedian Chris Lay joins Stacy Harbaugh on the Buzz to tell you that now you can!

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Art Fair on the Square

07/12/13 3:05 PM | buzz

Director of Development at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Elizabeth Tucker joined the 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss the upcoming Art Fair on the Square.

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