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Straight from Cairo

07/5/13 10:36 AM | buzz

Cairo Protests Scott Long joined the Buzz to gives us an update on the current events in Cairo – are the Egyptians jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire?

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Clinging to Hope in the Middle East

07/4/13 10:59 AM | buzz

Jennifer Loewenstein Professor Jennifer Loewenstien joined the 8 O’clock Buzz to give us an update on Palestine and Egypt.

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Child Arrests in Hebron

07/4/13 9:57 AM | buzz

Christian Peacemaker Teams Hebron, Palestine: Israeli soldiers are making arrests. But there is something wrong with this picture – the people arrested children.

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No Fear from Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo

07/3/13 1:25 PM | buzz

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo was a senior party analyst at the US EPA – before she became a whistleblower. Now she is the founder of the No FEAR institute and No FEAR coalition, which seeks to protect whistleblowers from employer retaliation and harassment. She joined Jan Miyasaki on the Wednesday Buzz to tell her personal story.

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Joe Parisi’s Local Check-In

07/2/13 10:42 AM | buzz

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi joined the Tuesday 8 O’Clock Buzz to talk about challenges, issues, and his future goals for the county.

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Nathaniel Stern: Back for More

07/1/13 11:27 AM | buzz

Nathaniel Stern Have you ever wanted to project your thoughts into space, or create a work of art by simply walking in front of a white wall? All this may be possible. Technical artist Nathaniel Stern joins the Buzz to talk about his latest interactive art and give an update on his “Tweets in Space” program.

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La Fête de Marquette and Musique Electronique

07/1/13 10:54 AM | buzz

musique electronique Musique Electronique will take place as a side tent at La Fête de Marquette on July 11-14, along South Dickinson Street in Madison.The festival is a world-wide music event and showcases many different cultures and types of music of french influence. Performing this year are DJs Luke Solomon and DJ Fortune.

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Scott Walker Vetoes Last-Minute Eviction

07/1/13 10:07 AM | buzz

Andy Hall Thanks to a gubernatorial veto, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism will keep their offices on the U.W.-Madison campus and be able to continue their collaboration with the university. Executive director of the WCIJ Andy Hall joins the Buzz to discuss the controversial budget provision that would have evicted the organization from their offices and banned them from university affiliation.

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One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

06/28/13 11:56 AM | buzz

The Re-Arts Swap Absolutely Art hosts their annual Art-Walk, where artists and non-artists come to trade art supplies.

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Isms in Shakespeare, Who Knew?

06/28/13 11:01 AM | buzz

Fermat's Last Theater Fermat’s Last Theater is coming to Madison’s Overture Center on August 1-4, 2013, to put on Shakespeare’s most controversial work, The Merchant of Venice. This show is a one-shot deal; this is the only time and place that this show will be shown.

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