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Housing Homeless Persons Affected by Severe Mental Illness

06/19/13 8:32 AM | buzz

On the Wednesday, June 19th Buzz, host Jan Miyasaki was joined by Michael Basford to talk about the affordable housing crisis in Madison and homelessness, especially homelessness of persons affected by severe mental illness. Basford is the associate director of Housing Initiatives, which increases the supply of affordable housing as well as provides mental health services for those who need them. Listen to the entire show here:

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Urban League of Greater Madison: Making the South Side a Destination

06/18/13 2:41 PM | buzz

On the second half of the June 18th Buzz, Kristen Sorenson joined sub hosts Hedi Rudd and Donna Parker to talk about some of the programs through the Urban League of Greater Madison. Listen to the entire interview here:

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Expedition Reign Summer Camp

06/18/13 2:07 PM | buzz

On the Tuesday, June 18th 8 O’Clock Buzz, sub hosts Hedi Rudd and Donna Parker from the Urban League of Greater Madison interviewed Carrie Morgan about her Expedition Reign Summer Camp, recently established in Madison. The camp is eight weeks long, with enrollment optional week-by-week.

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Experimental French Horn: A Mixing of Musical Genres

06/17/13 10:33 AM | buzz

At the end of the June 17th Monday Buzz, professor of music at UW-Madison Dan Grabois joined Brian Standing to talk about his work with an improvisational mix of a French Horn sound with software that provides an electronic sound. Essentially, he is trying out an electric French Horn. Inter-spliced with samples of this experimental music, Grabois explained his improvisational process, and how he sees the mixing of musical genres (from classical to contemporary) as the constant movement and interweaving of sound over time. Listen to the entire interview:

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Rustbelt Poetry Slam 2013

06/17/13 10:19 AM | buzz

Last weekend, Madison hosted the 2013 Rustbelt Poetry Slam – a Midwest Regional poetry slam. Darian Wilson joined host Brian Standing to talk about how it went. He also shared one of his own poems on the air. A poetry slam will be coming up at the Electric Earth Cafe this Thursday, 6-8pm. Listen to the show:

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History of Music as Protest

06/17/13 10:13 AM | buzz

On the Monday, June 17th 8 O’Clock Buzz John Halle, director of music theory studies at Bard University, joined Brian Standing to talk about the history of protest music in the United States – how it has changed as well as what parts have endured. For example, they talked about the revival of the Solidarity Sing-Along, a tune first heard during the Great Depression, in Wisconsin during the Capitol protests. Learn more about Halle’s political-historical music research here. Listen to the interview:

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A Topical Revisit of Big Brother: Michael Sullivan’s Theatre Adaptation of “1984″

06/14/13 11:43 AM | buzz

During the last part of the June 14th 8 O’Clock Buzz, host Jonathan Zarov talked with playwright Michael Sullivan about his theatrical adaptation of George Orwell’s “1984″. This adaptation has proved shockingly topical, considering the recent National Security Association phone tapping scandal. It revisits the themes of Big Brother and a public kept in fear of an unnamed enemy. Listen to the entire interview here:

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World Naked Bike Ride: Madison

06/14/13 11:18 AM | buzz

Coming to Madison this Saturday, June 15th is the World Naked Bike Ride! The clothing-optional ride is to support human-powered, green transportation. If you’d like to participate, join their Yahoo group and you’ll be emailed the starting location of the ride. If you’d just like to watch, they revealed they will be riding past/through Orton park at some time tomorrow. You can see pictures and videos from last year’s WNBR here. Listen to the full event update:

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Un-Gifted: The Truth about Talent, Practice, Creativity, and the Many Paths to Greatness

06/14/13 10:16 AM | buzz

On Friday, June 14th Buzz host Jonathan Zarov interviewed author and Ph.D. Scott Barry Kaufman about his new book Un-Gifted: The Truth about Talent, Practice, Creativity, and the Many Paths to Greatness. This unique look at how we analyze potential suggests that IQ and standardized testing cannot necessarily sum up a person’s ability to succeed, and asks that we not applaud those individuals who do achieve greatness for managing despite their disabilities, but because of them. Listen to learn more.

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Update from Istanbul

06/13/13 11:16 AM | buzz

On Thursday, June 13th, 8 O’Clock Buzz host Tony Casteneda talked with Jenna Pope, a photojournalist currently reporting on and photographing the protests in Istanbul, Turkey. Follow her on Facebook to see some of her photos of the protests! Listen to the entire interview:

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