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Broken Kepler

11/8/13 2:37 AM | Radio Astronomy

brokenkepler The Kepler space telescope has officially ended its planet-hunting mission. But don’t despair, Kepler has discovered 167 confirmed extrasolar planets and another 3,568 planet candidates are waiting to be confirmed.

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Nova Delphini 2013

11/8/13 2:23 AM | Radio Astronomy

The artist's illustration depicts a classical nova binary system just before an explosion on the surface of the white dwarf. A ‘new’ star appeared in the constellation Delphinus the Dolphin in late August. Called a nova, this surprise event is caused by a runaway nuclear explosion on the surface of a nearby white dwarf star, and happened to be visible to the naked eye for several days.

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Astro Apps

11/8/13 2:10 AM | Radio Astronomy

astroapps Find out how you can contribute to real astronomy research just by using your eyes and a smartphone app! Help scientists better understand space debris and light pollution by gathering data with your smartphone.

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GOP Seeks to Limit Absentee and Early Voting

11/6/13 1:26 PM | ioby

early voting - nov 2012 (1) Wisconsin Republicans are pushing to limit the hours municipal election clerks can accommodate in-person absentee voting.

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WI Voter ID Could Set Historic Precedent

11/5/13 11:39 AM | ioby

IMG_20121013_074328 A federal trial over Wisconsin’s voter ID law is garnering national attention and could set a historic precedent for equal rights.

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Citizen Science!

11/3/13 11:05 PM | Radio Astronomy

Image credit: Galaxy Zoo and SDSS Learn all about real scientific research that anyone and everyone can contribute to! These Citizen Science projects are making incredible discoveries about the universe.

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Happy Halloween

10/30/13 5:55 PM | ioby

Credit: Fabio Venni Who ain’t afraid o’ no ghosts? Alan Talaga, that’s who. Read up on Madison’s ghost hunters in this week’s Isthmus and listen to WORT producer Dylan Brogan as he and Alan search for the paranormal.

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Patriot Act Author Seeks Reform

10/30/13 2:29 PM | ioby

cae Wisconsin ​Congressman ​J​ames ​Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls) ​is pushing to reign in some of the surveillance power authorized by the ​USA Patriot Act​.

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Soglin sounds alarm on shutdown

10/27/13 1:10 PM | ioby

MayorPaulRSoglin This week, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin warned that the consequences of the partial federal government shutdown will soon hit Wisconsin

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Lawsuit ushers in new notification system at Capitol

10/9/13 11:09 AM | ioby

Solidarity Sing along photo Protesters will no longer have to apply for a permit to gather in the Capitol rotunda but they will have to notify the Wisconsin Department of Administration.

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