Access Hour

Each Monday a different community group or individual hosts the show. Assistance is provided with recording a promotional announcement to be aired the week prior to the show and with sound board engineering the night of the show. In order to keep the show accessible, any individual or group is limited to one show per year. The Access Hour is often booked several months in advance. To sign up to host an Access Hour show, call Ken Rineer at 256-2001 on Monday evenings or e-mail

Monday, November 11th — A Reading of Rudolph Steiner on “Elemental Beings”

11/5/13 3:41 PM | Access Hour

Shiloh Jaxen hosts a broadcast of a reading of part of the Rudolph Steiner lecture called “The Influence of Spiritual Beings on Man,” in particular Chapter 8 on “elemental beings.” (It would be interesting to have the whole lecture series broadcast, but that would take about 8 hours.)

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Monday, November 4th — A “Daddy Brain” Program: Kids and Conflict

10/30/13 9:43 AM | Access Hour

Have you ever thought about how to talk with your kids about war and conflict? It’s a delicate topic that many parents aren’t comfortable breeching. Joey Guido, who runs that Daddy Brain program to help dads deal with family issues, has two guests: the first guest, Niki Walker, has written a book called Why Do We Fight, which focuses on helping our kids understand, and think critically, about conflict and war in the world. She shares some of her insights on healthy ways to discuss this sensitive subject. The second guest, Dr. Mark Brady, Ph.D., talks about conflict and discord within our own homes, focusing on conflict between siblings and spouses — and how negative forms of discipline can play a role in children’s perception of conflict resolution.   And remember, you are not alone …

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Monday, October 28th — The DB Radio Show I’ve Never Done

10/22/13 10:50 AM | Access Hour

David B has talent and skills perfect for radio and performing. He also is helping WORT with keeping the studios clean and under control, but that’s beside the point. “The DB Radio Show I’ve Never Done” is a program of DB’s own compositions and pieces of the act he’s putting together to perform on the west coast!

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Monday, October 21st — The prophet, aka Micah Wharton

10/15/13 10:44 AM | Access Hour

DJ-IN-A-BOX The prophet, aka Micah Wharton, discusses the state of current events and how they relate to our music…specifically, hip hop! Also…it’s still Pledge Drive time…

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Monday, October 14 — Mel Plays the Happy Cure!

10/9/13 1:28 PM | Access Hour

Happiness abounds! What do you think of when you hear The Cure? Goths wearing all black, eyeliner and lipstick? Gloomy, depressing music? Think again! This Access Hour is dedicated to the Cure and proving that their music is not all doom and gloom. Tune in to listen to some happy Cure music!”……………….Note!!! Also Pledge drive time…

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Monday, October 7 — Madison Nonprofit Day!

10/2/13 3:01 PM | Access Hour

madison non profit day logo Madison’s 5th “Madison Nonprofit Day” is coming! The big day this year is October 29th — the aim of the day is to highlight the great work that nonprofits do in our community, to nourish nonprofits, to offer a free educational conference (for 500+ area nonprofit workers, at Monona Terrace in Madison), and to host community-wide events. This Access Hour’s hosts explore the scope and impact of Madison’s wonderful nonprofit organizations, a great fit for all of our goals!

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Monday, September 30th — The EQ Guy and his new book, “Bringing Earthquakes To Life.”

09/24/13 10:11 AM | Access Hour

This week’s program can be titled, ”The EQ Radio Show…featuring Les Brown.” Les, who blogs as The EQ Guy, just finished the manuscript for his new book, “Bringing Earthquakes To Life.” He’ll talk about living and working in Hollywood, Precision Plate Tectonics, being in a lot of earthquakes, getting his Screen Actors Guild card, all the movies he’s worked on in Hollywood and Chicago and right here in Wisconsin, and much more! You can download it here

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Monday, September 23rd — David Bicknase’s Music for the Chakras

09/19/13 12:16 PM | Access Hour

Local pianist and composer David Bicknase presents keyboard music of his own composition and reads descriptive meditiations that he’s put together to help us focus on the appropriate chakras and gain some relaxation and insight into this life.

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Monday, September 16 — Brian and Matt with Jimi Hendrix

09/10/13 10:15 AM | Access Hour

jimi-hendrix Brian and Matt host this year’s Jimi Hendrix show again, running closely in conjunction with his passing (September 18, 1970) and focusing on the Experience’s early stage shows in 1966-1967, as well as the development and release of their groundbreaking album “Are You Experienced?.” As they do so well, they’ll be featuring some pretty rare and unreleased live performances and studio outtakes.

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Monday, September 9 — Vinyl Project postponed…replaced by special production by Freedom Archives and Making Contact

09/3/13 11:18 AM | Access Hour

A special production by Freedom Archives on the 40th anniversary of the September 11, 1973 Pinochet coup in Chile replaced the planned program on the Vinyl Project. This program was originally aired on the syndicated program, Making Contact. Kim has been working on the Vinyl Project for some time. She intended to produce a program related to that, with some guests that were involved if possible, but had to postpone because of schedule conflicts with potential guests.

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