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Each Monday a different community group or individual hosts the show. Assistance is provided with recording a promotional announcement to be aired the week prior to the show and with sound board engineering the night of the show. In order to keep the show accessible, any individual or group is limited to one show per year. The Access Hour is often booked several months in advance. To sign up to host an Access Hour show, call Ken Rineer at 256-2001 on Monday evenings or e-mail

Monday, February 10th — DJ K-Dog’s hip-hop and mixing

02/4/14 1:43 PM | Access Hour

Kevin Brors, who operates with the name K-Dog, says, “My music is all made with my keyboard synthesizer and with virtual dj pro. It is all 100% my own original content, and I would love an oppertunity to talk and play my music on the air. you can check out all my music on youtube at… i look forward to coming to the radio station and playing my music.”

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Monday, February 3rd — Project Home!

01/28/14 1:37 PM | Access Hour

Project Home has been a non-profit organization for over 43 years…focusing on improving the quality and affordability of housing for low-to-moderate income residents in Dane and Green Counties. In this Access Hour program, Project Home staff and friends talk about its work and people, including its weatherization program, its special “Hammer with a Heart” local program to do major home repairs at no cost for low-income homeowners, and its equally special Paint-a-Thon to assist residents whose homes are in desperate need of exterior paint but whose owners are unable to pay for or do the work themselves. Join Project Home staff and friends as they tell you all about what they’re doing to make our community better. Learn more about weatherization and energy saving strategies…..and much ….

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Monday, January 27th — Eric S. plays “sad bastard” music…

01/22/14 9:49 AM | Access Hour

The sound of your phone not ringing is the sound of your ex not calling. Join Eric S for an hour of your Sad Bastard favorites, including Ryan Adams and other plaid shirt wearing troubadors.

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Monday, January 20 — Martin Luther King Day

01/14/14 11:43 AM | Access Hour

After a quiet holiday season with no scheduled Access Hour programs or programs set up at the last moment, we begin to move into a settled schedule. But first, this coming Monday, the Access Hour will be preempted in order to make sure the station can cover the entire Martin Luther King Day celebration downtown.

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Monday, December 23rd — Rob R’s Audio Equipment Forum

12/19/13 10:43 AM | Access Hour

Rob R holds forth in what should be a great Audio Equipment Forum…while he has plenty of information and stories to fill an hour on audio equipment, use, repair, rehabilitation, etc, he hopes for a call-in program where you can get your answers to questions about gettting that old stereo up and running again, making the appropriate acquisitions, tweaking your gear to help it give you the best sounds, etc etc. Enjoy the wonders of analog! Rob handles some of the studio equipment work at WORT and now hosts a music show that local musicians are catching onto on Friday nights late.

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Monday, December 16th — Mourning Dove

12/10/13 10:23 AM | Access Hour

Local band Mourning Dove hosts today’s Access Hour. Led by Mourning Dove herself on guitar and vocals, the band also includes Eric Jessen on percussion and shares original music, new songs, and witty banter live from the WORT broadcast studio. Special guests Pearl Fost and Kelsey Nelson join in on the awesomeness that is the Access Hour as well!

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Monday, December 9th — the Thursday morning writers group reads their stuff

12/4/13 2:10 PM | Access Hour

This group of writers has no formal name but has been meeting regularly to review and edit each other’s work for years. They’ve taken to calling themselves the Thursday Morning Writers Group for the Access Hour radio events they schedule once a year. Everyone in the writers group definitely likes to read their material on the air at WORT. The chance to read on the program is always one of the highlights of their year.

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Monday, December 4th — Z! plays women’s hip hop

12/4/13 1:40 PM | Access Hour

Z! produces a program on women in hip hop…Although women often go unnoticed in a lot of music genres, including hip hop, they are ever present and making incredible music. This show will highlight some of the up and coming and underground women in hip hop who have lots to say!

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Monday, November 25th — Wisconsin Friends of Utah Wilderness

11/20/13 12:38 PM | Access Hour

The Wisconsin Friends of Utah Wilderness talk about America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act and why it is important to protect federal land in Utah (which belongs to all of us). They also intend maybe to read some poetry, and to give folks the chance to call in with questions, etc.

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Monday, November 18th — The Wild Hog in the Woods Coffeehouse is 35

11/12/13 10:16 AM | Access Hour

Wild Hog in the Woods is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year and comes on the air to take some time to let folks know about them. The first official opening of the independent, not-for-profit organization’s coffeehouse and listening room was held at the home of the Green Lantern Eating Cooperative at 604 University Avenue on November 30, 1978. Egad.

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