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Food Stamp Fraud Bill

04/18/13 11:11 AM | buzz

foodstamp       Joining the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Thursday, April 24, 2013, was State Representative Jocasta Zamarrippa. She joined Tony Castaneda to talk about the Food Stamp Fraud Bill.      

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Wisconsin Women Fish

04/18/13 11:10 AM | buzz

Pat-Green-Northern-36-inch-550x412     Joining the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Thursday, April 24, 2013, was Barb Carey. Carey is the President of Wisconsin Women Fish.    

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The Ambassador Of South Sudan On WORT

04/16/13 10:54 AM | buzz

South Sudan     On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, Aaron Perry spoke with Raynard Jackson, a Conservative Republican consultant. With the help of Mr. Jackson Perry was able to interview Dr. Akec Khoc – Ambassador of South Sudan. Listen below to the two-part interview first with Raynard Jackson followed soon after by Ambassador Khoc.    

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Monthly Health Lesson With Mariah Janisch

04/16/13 10:35 AM | buzz

tn_1200_5f9570b7329b0c3ea4829e7af21d611b.JPG             On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, Aaron Perry invited Mariah Janisch, personal trainer and health expert, back to the 8 O’ Clock Buzz. This week the two talk about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The syndrome is a condition in which women have an imbalanced of hormones, which may lead to ovarian cysts, trouble getting pregnant, and other health concerns.    

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Monday Buzz Vox-Pop Poem of the Week 4/15/2013

04/15/13 12:30 PM | buzz

voicemail copy         This week three poets called in to contribute to the Monday, 8 O’Clock Buzz, Vox Pop Line: Bob Cochin Hansen, an anynonmous poet, and Lisa Nunez.     Interested in leaving a poem-message? Celebrate national poetry month with us: call the 8 O’Clock Buzz’s VoxPop line at 608-622-7899 and record your poem at the tone.    

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Getting Books To Prisoners

04/15/13 12:14 PM | buzz

wbtp-graphic-front     If you’re doing time, Books For Prisoners wants to make sure you have, at least, a good book to read. Books For Prisoners have been around since 2006 and not much has changed except their facility has gotten nicer and they continually find ways to send more books each year. Thats all good news. Elizabeth Severson tells us more.      

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Found Poetry Review Brings You Pulitzer Remixes

04/15/13 12:06 PM | buzz

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 12.03.56 PM The 2013 Pulitzer Prizes will be announced later today. Found Poetry Review doesn’t want to wait — they’re remixing the text of past Pulitzer winners to generate poetry. Today, April 15, 2013, on the 8 O’Clock Buzz we speak with Editor-in-Chief of Found Poetry Review, Jenni B. Baker and contributing, Beth Ayer.

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“The Bubbler” At The Library (And I’m Not Talking About A Drinking Fountain)

04/15/13 11:53 AM | buzz

586ArtsHeader On Monday, April 15, 2013, Trent Miller spoke with Brian Standing about “The Bubbler” series at the Madison Public Library. This is not your grandfather’s library. Throw every notion you’ve ever held about a library out the window and be prepared for pie making, stop motion animation, screen-printing, performance art, and so much more!

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Letter Press Printing, Revitalization In The Digital Age

04/12/13 11:53 AM | buzz

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.10.47 AM Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. joined the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Friday, April 12, 2013. Kennedy is a printer, well known for his social commentary in his posters. He is a rarity, working as a Letter Press Printer in an age of digital media. He sat down with Norman Stockwell to talk about the craft of letter press, it’s recent revival, and his upcoming event tonight, “A Man’s Posters Hangings,” at La follette High School, 702 Pflaum Road. Reception starts at 6:00PM.      

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Encore Studio’s New Production Of “Real Life”

04/12/13 11:44 AM | buzz

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 11.30.03 AM Joining the Buzz on April 12, 2013, Folks from Encore Studio! KelsyAnne Schoenhaar and Jon Meister, members of the theater group, joined us today to talk about an upcoming production called, “Real Life.” Encore Studio for the Performing Arts is the only professional theatre company for people with disabilities in the state of Wisconsin.

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