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The Myth of the Skills Gap

05/20/14 10:03 PM | buzz

William Holahan and Michael Rosen You can’t just get good help these days… so say the captains of Wisconsin industry. That’s bunk, say economics professors William Holohan and Michael Rosen. They joined the Buzz to talk about the myth of the skills gap.

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Working for Nothing

05/20/14 9:40 PM | buzz

Matt Barnidge Lots of talk about the minimum wage lately, but what about those folks who work for nothing? Unpaid internships are on the rise but may be soon curtailed in the federal courts. The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism’s Matthew Barnidge brings us the story.

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Commentary: Sam Matteson on Financial Aid

05/20/14 9:00 PM | buzz

Sam Matteson The Eight O’Clock Buzz’s own engineer Sam Matteson steps in front of the mike to offer his commentary on the state of higher education.

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Paying for School

05/20/14 8:54 PM | buzz

Susan Fischer University of Wisconsin financial aid expert Susan Fischer talks about student debt — are graduates buried before they start?

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Art Inside Juvenile Detention

05/13/14 8:57 AM | buzz

ArtInside Madison Public Library artist in residence Victor Castro, a.k.a. USGathering, a.k.a. TetraPak man, takes us into the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center with his latest art project.

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Building a Public Internet

05/13/14 8:45 AM | buzz

Patrick Lucey With a corporate pay-to-play internet looming, are publicly-owned broadband services a more egalitarian alternative? Patrick Lucey of the Open Technology Institute sure thinks so.

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Drone Days of Action

05/13/14 8:26 AM | buzz

Days of Drone Action The Madison anti-drone campaign kicks it into high gear this spring. Mary Beth Schlagheck talks to the Monday Buzz about planned actions coming up at Volk Field, her upcoming trial date for civil disobedience and more.

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Wisconsin Fails Children of Color

05/6/14 7:47 AM | buzz

Annie E. Casey Foundation logo The Annie E. Casey Foundation recently ranked Wisconsin the worst state in the nation to raise an African-American child. The Monday Buzz talks to Nonet Sykes about the report, why Wisconsin ranks so poorly and what, if anything we can do about it.

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Vermin Supreme Conquers the Galaxy

05/6/14 7:37 AM | buzz

Vermin Supreme Prankster and political gadfly extraordinaire Vermin Supreme talks with Monday Buzz host Brian Standing about his 2016 campaign for President of the United States.

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Oh My Love Hits the Airwaves

05/6/14 7:31 AM | buzz

Oh My Love Indie pop quartet Oh, My Love performs live in the WORT studios — featuring the Eight O’ Clock Buzz’s own Kent Watson on guitar.

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