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Us Plus Them: Tapping the Positive Power of Difference

01/9/13 11:55 AM | buzz

US_Them 2 On Tuesday, January 8, our host Aaron Perry spoke with leadership scholar Todd L. Pittinsky, author of Us Plus Them: Tapping The Positive Power of Difference. Todd looks at the power of positive interdependence and “how people working across group lines create stronger outcomes, products, and learning than when working against group lines.”   He explains that in his research, “we found four hundred measures of racism and negative sentiments towards others, and we couldn’t find a single term to describe positive difference and positive orientation towards difference. The closest we come is tolerance, but being tolerated is not quite the same thing as being appreciated.” In writing about the positive orientation towards someone from another group., he described the sentiment as ‘Allophilia’, ‘Allo’ deriving from Greek, meaning ‘other’.   Todd is also the author of Crossing the Divide, Restoring Trust in Organizations and Leaders, and Working Fathers.   Listen to the entire interview here:

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Gail Konop Baker

01/4/13 10:40 AM | buzz

headshots On Friday January 4, 2013 our guest host Ankur Malhotra interviewed author Gail Konop Baker to speak about her podcast G Spot. The podcast also features house music from local musicians Quinn and Andy in the upcoming second season.   She explains how her podcast came about “It originated here. I was on Jonathan’s show after I wrote an article for the Huffington Post… after I went back into the dating scene after my divorce. The article got a lot of comments…” She explains that as she was talking about her article on the radio, she realized that she loved talking on the radio and decided to turn to podcasting.   Gail observed that her daughters, too, were in the dating scene, and began having several conversations about the topic with them. It was during these conversations that Gail decided to create a podcast about this, “wouldn’t it be interesting to have these conversations as a podcast between mother and daughter…really honest intimate conversations about it.” They speak on air about the various relationship issues that come up today, ranging from sperm banks and the proper way to refer to one’s partner to others. Gail explains that she and her daughters have always maintained an openness when it comes to discussing such issues with each other, and the purpose of the podcast is to share these topics with others too.   Visit gailkonopbaker.com  Visit The G Spot Podcast website. Like the The G Spot Podcast on Facebook.   Listen to the full interview here:

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Karben4 Brewery

01/4/13 10:22 AM | buzz

karben4brewing121112 On Friday January 4, 2013, our guest host Ankur Malhotra spoke with Ryan and Alex from the new Madison brewery Karben4. The brewery just had their soft opening this weekend, and will be coming out with a new beer each week for the next three Saturdays. The brewery is now open for business. The brewery is located at the old Ale Asylum in Madison.   Ryan explains that he learned the art of brewing beer when he worked at a brewery in Billings, Montana. He describes some of the beers he has brewed, including a smoked porter, amber and rye APA, a german malt soaked in beechwood. The brewery will be coming out with three new beers: the “Lady Luck”, an Irish red which is “not your typical Irish Red”, a session ale called “Undercover”, and a black IPA.   Read more about Karben4 on the Friday Buzz Bin Tumblr site. Like Karben4 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Karben4 Follow Karben4 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Karben4   Karben4 3698 Kinsman Blvd. Madison, WI 53704   Listen to the interview here:

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Top stories of 2012

12/27/12 10:32 AM | buzz

Earth On Thursday December 27, our host Tony Castaneda reviews the year 2012 in his “Top Stories of 2012” with Captain Cero. They discuss the recall election of Scott Walker and the events surrounding it as one of the biggest stories in Wisconsin this year. The re-election of President Barack Obama for his second term was also one of the hugest stories in 2012. An important and contentious issue for the coming year in Wisconsin, they predict, “the next big populist struggle in this state” will be the mining initiative.   One big theme for the year is “the struggle by peoples around the world to deal with corporatism. Whether it is mining in northern Wisconsin, idle no more with the First Nations in Canada, the 40,000 Zapatistas marching in Chiapas, the riots that have gone on in Spain, Italy, and Greece, and even the Arab Spring are manifestations of people in the world going ‘no this neo-liberal image of how the world is supposed to work, doesn’t work, and people are starting to rise up against it.” They speak about the persecution of Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and the Occupy Sandy movement.   Another large theme for the year was climate change. They talk about how there was three times as much tree damage during the recent snowstorm Draco, with an 18-inch snow fall, compared to the tree damage experienced twenty years ago. “The trees were much drier and brittle because of the drought we had this summer.” Also, the glaciers in the Himalayas are melting. This will cause flooding in the surrounding areas, followed by water shortages due to the rivers losing volume.   Listen to the show here:

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Christmas Special With Stan Woodard

12/25/12 9:28 AM | buzz

flickr-321671099-hd   December 25th , 2012, we had a very special Christmas show. Our old friend Stan Woodard and his wife Yolanda stopped by the studio to host the 8 o’ clock buzz. So in light of having Stan back in the studio we decided it would be appropriate to put the entire Christmas show online.     Stan talks with Victoria Law and China Martens, Co-Authors of “Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements and Communities.”  

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Joan Houston Hall: Dictionary of American Regional English

12/21/12 11:23 AM | buzz

Dictionary of American Regional English On Friday, December 21, our guest host Jan Levine Thal speaks with Joan Houston Hall, Chief Editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English. She speaks about the new companion volume to the dictionary, Volume 7. The volume features “212 ways of saying someone is stalling.”   Joan talks about the regional variations of a single word, such as a ‘sub sandwich’, which can also be called a gyro, hoagie or grinder. The new volume matches the regional words to their respective places on the maps, on the same page, so one can easily detect the regional variations. An online version will be launched at the end of 2013.     Joan speaks about regional words. ‘Scrid’, for example, is a New England word which means ‘fragment of something.’ She finds that “it seems that when a word is introduced that fills a need, it is adopted widely across the country very quickly.” The word “grid-lock,” Joan says, was quickly adopted across the country wherever situations like that came up. However, “the words that are regional that we use with our friends and families, tend to stay regional.” Joan provides the example of grandparents: from granny, grandma, nana, meema, to oma, “those are family words and ethnic words that reflect our backgrounds and those are not the kind of words that will be used as formal words.” Such words remain in their regions and do not become so widespread.     Jan also talks about American words that can be traced back through history with origins from multiple languages. For example, the Louisiana word “lagniappe” means “small bonus, or tip.” The word comes from French, but the French word came in through Spanish, which came in through Quechua.     Listen to more regional terms, audio, trivia, and quizzes at dare.news.wisc.edu Visit the official website for the Dictionary of American Regional English.     Listen to the entire interview here:  

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Tandem Press: Twenty-Five Years

12/21/12 11:01 AM | buzz

Print On Friday, December 21, our guest host Jan Levine Thal speaks with Jason Ruhl of the UW-affiliated Tandem Press. He is the founding member of the artist group “No Fun”, co-director of online gallery Red Rocket, and contributing member of Art*O*Mat. He is here to speak about the Tandem Press exhibition at the Chazen Museum of Art. Tandem Press is celebrating its twenty-five year anniversary.   Says Jason, “the exhibit is a selection of the artists we’ve worked with over the past 25 years. It showcases the different print making techniques we do at the shop. You can see a couple of our projects that are good to see in a large space like the Chazen. One would be An American Alphabet, by Robert Cottingham – it’s a series of lithos that was done over a series of 14 years, and it’s the entire alphabet A-Z, so you get to see it in one space. Normally, we just get to see things one or two at a time.”   Click here for full details on the exhibition. Tandem Press: Twenty-FiveYears Chazen Museum of Art: Pleasant T. Rowland Galleries Dec 8 – Feb 3   Visit Tandem Press online. Visit the Chazen Museum of Art.     Listen to the interview here:  

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A Christmas Carol: CTM

12/21/12 10:52 AM | buzz

CTM On Friday, December 21, our guest host Jan Levine Thal speaks with Roseann Sheridan, the Producing Artist Director at Children’s Theatre of Madison (CTM). CTM is doing a new adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Jan also speaks with, Will Mobley, an actor with A Christmas Carol, who plays the narrator. Will Mobley is also an actor with American Players Theatre (APT).The show features 42 actors, with 22 under the age of 18.   “We really wanted to create an adaptation that was oriented around how a person’s simple acts of kindness can change the life of a human being and a community…So we framed it as a look back. It opens up with a very festive…It’s brighter; there’s a lot more humor in the show, and a sense of community and family. We wanted to make it a very accessible show for our younger audience and their families.”   They would not reveal who the narrator in this adaption is, “ours is a very special character, he’s not just a narrator.”   View full event details here. Visit the Children’s Theatre of Madison (CTM) website.   A Christmas Carol Overture Center Dec 21 – Dec 23 7 PM and 2:30 PM   Listen to the interview here:  

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Arizona School District Ethnic Studies Ban Controversy

12/20/12 10:34 AM | buzz

Dr. Rodriguez On Thursday, December 20, our host Tony Castaneda spoke with Dr. Roberto Rodriguez from Arizona.They speak about the controversy surrounding the Mexican American Studies program ban, and Dr. Rodriguez’ involvement with the issue. In 2011, a law took effect in Arizona, banning the Mexican American studies programs and ethnic studies classes in K-12 schools in the Tucson Unified School District. The ban was intended for classes that “promote racial resentment” and “encourage ethnic solidarity.” The law was met with opposition and protests. However, the Mexican American studies program is actually a part of a “federal desegregation court order” from thirty years ago, and is still in effect. This federal order would rule over the recent state law.   Dr. Rodriguez points that the same politicians that were involved with Arizona’s highly controversial immigration law, were also involved with the ethnic studies ban. “It’s very much related to the whole immigration crisis. It’s the same politicians, literally, identically, it’s all the same people,” he says. He notes that Russell Pierce, the author of the anti-immigrant bill, has actually since been recalled.   Explains Dr. Rodriguez, “The federal courts have been supervising Tucson Unified School District since 1978… A 1974 lawsuit was filed, the Fisher-Mendoza lawsuit, and it calls for desegregation. And one of the few things Tucson was doing right was the Mexican-American studies program. And of course, that’s what they went after. And the federal government was giving the school district $62 million a year, and probably less than 1% was going to desegregation… And then [the district] supposedly got out of supervision a year ago, but a judge got a hold of it and said ‘no, Tucson is still not in the best of shape.’” Thus, the district still falls under the supervision of the federal courts.   All parties involved in the lawsuit have come together and jointly agreed on a plan that forwards the desegregation cause, “the plan calls for the expansion of Mexican American and African American culturally relevant classes to every high school in the district, and to middle schools and elementary schools.”   Dr. Rodriguez says, “We’ve won. We’ve won a massive victory.”   Listen to the entire interview here:  

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Laura Olah: Citizens for Safe Water around Badger

12/19/12 11:12 AM | buzz

CSWAB On Wednesday, December 19, our host Jan Miyasaki spoke with Laura Olah, Executive Director of Citizens for Safe Water around Badger (CSWAB). The group is a member agency of Community Shares of Wisconsin. Laura has been named the Water Conservationist of the Year by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.   The organization mission is “to support, unify and strengthen citizens concerned for the safety of water resources in and around the Badger Army Ammunition Plant; to effect expedient cleanup of any contamination caused by negligent handling of toxic waste; and to exercise means as necessary to guarantee water resources are totally free of toxic contamination for us and the generations to follow.” (Citizens for Safe Water around Badger)   Laura provides an update on the organization’s activities in 2012. Earlier this year, the group worked for the better regulation and environmental monitoring for the explosive carcinogenic compound DNT, dinitrotoluene, “It has the lowest groundwater standards of all the chemicals that are regulated by the state of Wisconsin.” The army has so far not been required to test the soil for this compound. With the combined efforts from CSWAB and other regions of the EPA, the EPA will be publishing a Provisional Peer-Reviewed Toxicity Value – it provides a number that can be used in calculating clean-up goals and monitoring efforts.   At the state-wide level, the group has been working with the DNR, on revisions of soil cleanup standards. Laura mentions that a main priority for 2012 was ensuring that the cleanup standards would meet the levels for children and expectant mothers. “There are many routes of exposure – dermal exposure, through inhalation, incidental ingestion…” Laura explains that without the involvement of local governments, communities, and organizations, “there are many private wells that would not be tested.”   There are roughly 300 restoration advisory boards across the nation that have stationed around formerly used military sites, which CSWAB works closely with.   Read more about Citizens for Safe Water around Badger and their efforts here.   Listen to the interview here:  

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