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A Soldier in the ‘Walker Wars’ (Thursday, July 19)

07/19/12 2:06 PM | buzz

Thursday, July 19 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed Jenna Pope, a member of the Overpass Light Brigade and a protester in the ‘Walker Wars’. They discuss The Over Pass Light Brigade and Jenna’s ascent to political activism. For more information on Overpass Light Brigade : http://overpasslightbrigade.org/

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Violence Hurts (Wednesday, July 18)

07/18/12 1:19 PM | buzz

Wednesday, July 18 our host Jan Miyasaki interviewed the Policy Coordinator of Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Tony Gibart. Jan and Tony talk about the work Tony does as a Policy Coordinator as well as their work in the community and globally. To contact Tony Gibart, call him at : (608.255.0539 x. 310 To learn more about Wisconsin Coaltion Against Domestic Violence, visit the website : http://www.wcadv.org/home

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Ready, Set, GROW! (Wednesday, July 18)

07/18/12 12:50 PM | buzz

Wednesday, July 18 our host Jan Miyasaki interviewed Janisse Ray, author of the coming book The Seed Underground:A Growing Revolution to Save Food. She is also an environmental activist and a naturalist. Janisse talks about her upcoming book and the erosion of farming and culture. For more information on Janisse, visit her website : http://janisseray.weebly.com/ For more information on Naturalist, visit some websites : http://www.amnat.org/ , http://www.naturalist-for-you.org/ , http://www.naturalist.org/ For more information on Environmental activist, visit some sites : http://uk.oneworld.net/guides/environmentalactivism/ , http://www.slac.com/tree/links.html

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Brava Michelle, Brava (Tuesday, July 17)

07/17/12 12:57 PM | buzz

Tuesday, July 17 our host Aaron Perry interviewed Michelle Page-Alswager, the Marketing and Events Director at Brava Magazine. She is also a volunteer at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Center. They discussed setting up a Women’s Expo in Iowa, in large part because of how successful the Women’s Expo in Madison is. They also discussed the expansion of of Brava Magazine. For more information on Brava, visit the website : http://www.bravamagazine.com/BRAVAMagazine.aspx

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JP Hair Design (Tuesday, July 17)

07/17/12 12:39 PM | buzz

Tuesday, July 17 our host Aaron Perry interviewed Jeff Paterson, the founder of JP Hair Design. They discuss finer points of the shop and Jeff’s business, as well as its main state in the community. For more information on JP Hair Design visit their website : http://www.jphairdesign.com/#!vstc0=bulletin

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MRSA (Monday, July 16)

07/16/12 12:46 PM | buzz

Monday, July 16 our host Linda Jameson interviewed Gwen Borlaug, Infection Control Epidemiologist, Division of Public Health, Bureau of Communicable Diseases and the Coordinator of Healthcare Associated Infection. Linda and Gwen discuss the infectious disease MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). They speak about how it forms as well as how to prevent it. For more information on MRSA ( Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) visit this website : http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/mrsa/DS00735

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Billy Elliot The Musical (Friday, July 13)

07/13/12 1:54 PM | buzz

Friday, July 13 our host Jonathan Zarov interviewed Michael Biren. Michael is Swing, Fight & Dance Captain. A swing is an understudy who is ready to substitute for the actors. They discuss Billy Elliot The Musical as well as Michael’s role in the show. For more information on Billy Elliot The Musical, visit the website : http://www.billyelliottour.com/us-tour

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DJ Mark Farina (Friday, July 13)

07/13/12 1:33 PM | buzz

On Friday, July 13 our host Ankur Malhotra interviewed DJ Mark Farina, who is playing at the High Noon Salon and the Fete de Marquette. DJ Mark Farina talks about his DJ’ing as well as his thoughts on certain DJ styles. For more information on DJ Mark Farina please visit his website : http://www.djmarkfarina.net/

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Space Convention (Friday, July 13)

07/13/12 1:18 PM | buzz

Friday, July 13 our host Jonathan Zarov interviewed Jake Rohrig and Tyler Van Fossen, two of the University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers that designed a probe to one of Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, which earned their team a spot at the International Space Conference in Toulouse, France. For more information on the probe, click the hyperlink: http://www.news.wisc.edu/20780 For more information on the International Space Conference, click the hyperlink: http://www.planetaryprobe.org/

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Bike Trailing Along (Thursday, July 12)

07/12/12 12:59 PM | buzz

Thursday, July 12 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed Perry Standstrom the man behind Silent Eddie Speaks, talks about The Southwest Commuter Bike Path, also known as The Owl Path. They discuss the length, obstacles, and the decisions that surround the bike path that many people follow.   For more information on the Southwest Commuter Bike Path, follow the hyperlink: http://www.traillink.com/trail/southwest-commuter-path.aspx

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