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The Boys and Girls Club

07/31/12 1:56 PM | buzz

Tuesday, July 31, our host Aaron Perry interviewed Micheal Johnson, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club. The club is an organization whose mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to realize their full potential to become productive, responsible and caring adults. For more information on the Boys and Girls Club, visit their website: http://www.bgcdc.org/

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Mouse Trap

07/27/12 1:07 PM | buzz

On Friday, July 27, our host Ankur Malhotra interviewed David Furumoto, the director of the play Mouse Trap, and some cast members Erin, Patrick, and Jim. The Mouse Trap is a murder mystery performed by the University Theater, and is playing from July 13, through July 29. For more information on The Mouse Trap, visit the website: http://www.utmadison.com/

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Parallel Zombies

07/27/12 1:05 PM | buzz

On Friday, July 27, our host Ankur Malhotra interviewed CEO of Perblue, Justin Beck, and Media and Communications Manager, Ellie Humprey, about the location based zombie game called Parallel Zombie. For more information on Perblue visit their website: http://www.perblue.com/Default.aspx For more information on Parallel Zombie: http://parallelzombies.com/

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Scott McDonell

07/26/12 1:04 PM | buzz

Thursday, July 26 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed Scott McDonell who is running for the democratic candidate for Dane County Clerk. He joined the Dane County board of supervisors in 1996 and became Dane County board chairman in 2005. For more information visit the website: http://scottmcdonell.com/

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The return of Donnie Ray

07/25/12 12:20 PM | buzz

Wednesday, July 25 our host Peaches Lacey interviews musician Donny Ray, and they discuss his travels since the last interview as well as upcoming travels. For more information, visit this website : http://www.southernsoulrnb.com/artistguide.cfm?aid=94

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Umoja Magazine (Tuesday, July 24)

07/24/12 11:40 AM | buzz

Tuesday, July24 our host Aaron Perry interviewed the publisher of Umoja Magazine, Milele Chikasa Anana. They discuss the magazines, African American society and accomplishments. For more information on Umoja, visit the website : http://www.umojamagazine.co

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Colorado (Tuesday, July 24)

07/24/12 11:27 AM | buzz

Tuesday, July 24 our host Aaron Perry interviewed Michelle Au Shore, a Child and Family Specialist from Journey Mental Health. They discuss the pain people go through, and how to talk to children about pain, as well as the mental issues that accompanied the victims in the Colorado Shooting. For more information on Journey mental health, visit the website : https://www.journeymhc.org/   For more information on the Colorado Shooting, watch the video : http://www.cnn.com/2012/07/20/us/worst-u-s-shootings-timeline/index.html?iid=article_sidebar

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Yiddish (Friday, July 20)

07/20/12 12:51 PM | buzz

On Friday July 20, our host Ankur Malhotra interviews Henry Spudsnik. They discuss the Marathon of Yiddish music, films, dance, film, and poetry that is occurring on Sunday, July 22. Yiddish music is the traditional Jewish music from eastern Europe. The event will be taking place at the Pyle Center on Sunday July 22, from 9-5. The entire event will be free.

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Lords of the Trident (Friday, July 20)

07/20/12 12:33 PM | buzz

Friday, July 20 our host Ankur Malhotra interviewed Sandy, Ty Christian the lead singer and manager of the band, Lords of the Trident, a rock group that is currently touring the country. Ty, or as he is known by his stage name, Fang VonWrathenstein, discusses the use of Google and how it helps the band. For more information on Lords of the Trident, visit their website : http://lordsofthetrident.com/

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Suite 709 (Thursday, July 19)

07/19/12 2:17 PM | buzz

Thursday, July 19 our host Tony Castaneda interviewed touring music group Sweet 709. They are playing at the Great Dane and typically play ‘Vintage Rock’. The group discuss their music and the fun they have during their tour. For more information on Suite 709, visit the website : http://unlocksuite709.com/

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