Paying for School

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 | buzz

Student loan debt has now topped 1.2 trillion dollars in the U.S., surpassing credit cards and auto loans. The issue has become a hot topic in Congress, with climbing student debt load getting blamed for the stagnant job market, declines in the housing market and a host of other economic ills. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill to allow students to refinance outstanding loans, and proposes paying for the reduction in interest revenue to the federal government by hiking taxes on those earning a million dollars a year. Several other bills related to reforming or restructuring student loan debt, and the issue is sure to be a hot one in this fall’s elections. Our next guest, though, says these tweaks won’t do the trick — what’s needed is a complete overhaul of how we finance education. Susan Fischer has worked as the Director of Financial Services at the University of Wisconsin since 2005. She joined the Buzz on Monday, May 19th.

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