Photos from Boombox the Wasteland

Thursday, 26 September 2013 | Bad Sister Heidi

Boombox the Wasteland from 2-8 pm on Sept 14 was a great success which included music, community building, diversity, creative arts, and a funky yet family-friendly vibe. This unique radio-centric event consists of people gathering and tuning their radios to 89.9 fm to listen to WORT all day, and so literally nobody there is unaware of community radio! From Occupy Madison summits and tiny house tours, to the puppet shows, riot girl bicycle dancers and spoken word rants; mural paintings, water blessings, anarchist camps, a boombox-shaped cake and a produce exchange; electro improv and bellydancers, and the fifty Aldo Leopold benches produced by the building project, all the action was happening to the solar power beats provided on-site and emanating from hundreds of boomboxes tuned to 89.9 FM, and it was F.U.N.!! WORT DJs Rev. Velveteen, Bad Sister Heidi and Ted Offensive picked songs to go with activities and dancers throughout the day such as Sadira Middle Eastern Dance, Conjunct [DJ and modern dance] and all-girl bicycle stunt team The Greasy Gears. Huge kudos go to community organizer Wendy Schneider for putting on this wonderful endeavor in the spirit of the
old WORT boombox parades.

Check out the WORT photos from this year’s Boombox the Wasteland celebration!

A Musical Offering
A Musical Offering
Wednesdays @ 5:00 am
Ena Foshay
Chamber and choral music.

rev. 52:74M