Pledge Drive Music Features

Monday, 21 October 2013 |

Our pledge drive’s second week is off to a great start – but we still need everyone to continue to contribute! Take a look at some of these great music program features that are coming up over the next week, and the tickets that you could receive as a thank-you for pledging and showing your support to WORT.

Monday, October 21st – Tonight on the Mosh Pit, an all-German Metal feature! 11PM – 2AM.

Tuesday, October 22nd - 9AM-12PM on For the Sake of the Song, tune in with Jim Schwall and pledge to earn tickets to Josh Ritter and/or the Cowboy Junkies.

Saturday, October 25th – As always, it’s a party on the Afterparty! 2AM – 5AM.

Sunday, October 26th – Music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque – in the tradition of Reformation Sunday, on Musica Antiqua, 8 – 11AM.


Charles Bradley Tickets – on all our Rock and Blues shows!!

Drakula at the Stoughton Opera House – these Halloween-themed tickets can be found on the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz (8-9AM Friday) and on Psychoacoustics (8-10PM Thursday).

Check back for more great upcoming ticket premiums – you don’t want to miss these!! Listen and pledge!

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