Police Involved Shootings

Wednesday, 8 January 2014 | A Public Affair

If a police officer is involved with a shooting, what happens? On this edition of A Public Affair, we discussed why police involved shootings troubles our community as well as what the state plans to do about future police involved shootings.

On Tuesday January 7th, our host Carousel Bayrd was joined by State Rep. Chris Taylor to discuss Assembly Bill 409, which deals with police involved shootings and how it will impact the state.

Bayrd and Taylor covered the importance of a second look at these situations. Taylor shared with us, that essentially the bill can be broken down into two parts. There needs to be two investigators from outside that department as well creating an independent board that reviews the criminal investigation. The board wouldn’t have to ability to charge anyone, but they would have the authority to make some recommendations to the district attorney.

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