Polls “Swamped”

Tuesday, 5 June 2012 | ioby

In an election most analysts say comes down to voter turnout, wards across the state have reported high turnout today. Dane County Clerk Karen Peters called turnout “just wild,” and Madison City Clerk Maribeth Witzel-Behl said, “We’re swamped.”

At 5:20pm, Witzel-Behl said she ordered more ballots printed. Milwaukee had to call in extra poll workers.

High Voter Turnout In Dane County

The official forecast for voter turnout statewide was 60 to 65 percent of eligible voters, which the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s elections guru, Craig Gilbert, called “a more or less insane figure.” Estimates for Dane County range between 80 to 88 percent of registered voters, according to Peters. Madison’s turnout was projected to be over 100 percent of registered voters in some wards, according to Witzel-Behl, indicating eligible voters registering for the first time.

Some Voters Turned Away

The League of Women Voters Wisconsin, a non-partisan non-profit tracking election issues, says some Wisconsin students had a hard time voting. LWV’s Carolyn Castore said they’d gotten over 200 calls from students by 5pm today. The Capital Times is reporting that student turnout is much lower than in other wards. The problems are cropping up in places like Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay, which have a lot of students.

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