Professor of History Alfred McCoy

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | buzz

Prof. Al McCoy

On Wednesday November 7, host Jan Miyasaki interviewed Professor Alfred McCoy, Professor of History at UW-Madison. He is the author of Torture and Impunity: The US Doctrine of Coercive Interrogation. Al speaks primarily about the direction the U.S. Defence Policy is heading towards.


He explains, “The US is hoping to maintain its global leaderships by shifting our defense capabilities to build a triple shield aerospace canopy that is going to go from stratosphere to exosphere that will fully weaponize space. We’ll be linked with cyber warfare biometric identification and information warfare, to build the most powerful information apparatus. So the future wars will be fought with minimal loss of life in the demands of space and cyber pace. Obama knows that in order to build this shield and to maintain it is to build our technology, it comes down to our educational ability and our technology. And the US is losing its global competitiveness to China.”


He explains that China’s edge over the US in math and science is due to China’s heavy investment in education. As U.S. scientists age, the future will see a large rise in technology and science coming from China, whose students are heavily focused on these subjects now. Al comments, “Americans are completely oblivious that our defense policy has fundamentally changed.”



Listen to the interview here:

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