Radio Highlights for 6/28/13

Monday, 1 July 2013 |


Monday through Friday, Noon-1pm. A Public Affair is WORT’s live call-in interview program. Listeners can call in with questions and comments at: 608-256-2001 or toll free at: 866-899-9678.

7/1: Host John Quinlan has a segment on the Voting Rights Act.

7/2: Host Carousel Byrd has a segment on a new Monona law.

7/3: Wednesday, Host Karma Chavez speaks with Professor Mary Louise Roberts about her new book, “What Soldiers Do.”

7/10: Host Tim Hansel speaks with Erin Hatton on temp workers

7/17: Karma Chavez speaks with members of the Disability Pride planning committee about Disability Pride Day on July 27th .


Mondays, 7pm-8pm

A different individual or group from the community hosts the program each week! Music, discussion, and lots more! For information about hosting an Access Hour, call 256-2001 on Monday at 8pm immediately following the show or email:

7/1: The Cthulhu Cult

7/8: This is an effort to make young people conscience of social issues and alternative fuels.

7/15: Art Paul Schlosser

7/22: Helena White has an interview and music with Alejandro Escovedo of Rank and File and The True Believers.

8/9: Eric S. produces this show.

9/9: Kim produces a special music project.

9/16: A Jimi Hendrix special featuring the recently released album.

10/7: A Savage Class War Radio edition


NEW DISC(S) AT NINE: Mon-Thurs nights, one or more NEW DISCS are played at 9pm, during the 8-11pm rock show.

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