Radio Unnameable

Friday, 12 April 2013 |
Paul Lovelace

Paul Lovelace

Radio Unnameable, a new film about legendary radio personality Bob Fass, is screening at the Wisconsin Film Festival this weekend.

The time is the 1960s, the place is New York City, and the station is WBAI, one of the five stations licensed to the Pacifica Foundation, the nation’s oldest public radio network.

Along with the social and political upheaval of the time, the station itself became an epicenter of tumult and chaos. Fass was not the first DJ to be evicted from its airwaves. At one point, he was dragged from the studio in handcuffs.

Though Fass is still on the air to this day, the station that gave him his platform may not be for long. WBAI’s studio in lower Manhattan was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and they are behind on their transmitter rent.

Director Paul Lovelace was in Madison and host Jan Levine Thal caught up with him to learn more.

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