Rain schmain! The block party rocked.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 |

Block PartyAfter the clouds passed over, a light drizzle remained and people began coming out from shelter they’d taken nearby. The beer truck resumed pouring as we evaluated the situation. Radar indicated the storms had passed, but Intellasound’s equipment had gotten wet and was being taken down. An alternate solution was proposed; to set up a small PA system in the parking lot near the beer sales and continue with live music as scheduled. The Cash Box Kings’ slot had been rained out, but Megan Bobo and the Lux were game to play to the stalwarts who remained, and we began to make announcements about the change and arrange to get another line out to the area to resume the live broadcast. Meanwhile, the Apologists decided to go to their studio and grab a bigger PA system, which they switched over to in the midst of Megan’s set and really improved the sound. Sunshine dried off the clothes and lifted the spirits of the crowd dancing happily to the funk, a crowd which steadily grew as the live broadcast resumed and word got out the party was still going. The Lux finished their set to rousing applause, and as time was short, though people obviously wanted more they gracefully declined and made way for the belated raffle drawing. After the prizes had been given away, The Apologists took the stage and played a great set of rocking garage country while the last beers were tapped and sold to the enthusiastic masses. All in all, the team efforts of WORT volunteers and staff kept the party going and made it a great success!


Look for more block party posts this week!

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