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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 | buzz

Raynard Jackson

On Tuesday November 27, host Aaron Perry speaks with Raynard Jackson, President and CEO of Raynard Jackson and Associates, one of the most “highly sought after Conservative speakers in America.” A Republican conservative political consultant, Raynard works with Republican campaigns in Washington-DC. Raynard speaks with Aaron about the Republican Party, “After this election, there has been a tectonic shift in the mood and the dynamics of Washington DC,” Raynard explains. He comments that the Republicans did not run a good campaign during this presidential election, and explains why Romney did not win the election, “Romney did not have the ability to perform a coalition of people…black, Asians, Hispanics, whites, women, to win a majority.”


Aaron asks Raynard to explain what the Republican party must do now in order to recover from the election. He recommends, “Go into the Black, Hispanic, the female community, and listen… and then find a way to go back to DC to create policy based on the conservations had in those communities. Members of the republican leadership have tried to lecture me on what needs to be done in the black community.” He also addresses the issue he faces being African American and Republican. Raynard explains that blacks have actually been the most loyal voting bloc for the Republican party, historically. However, the votes began to shift to the Democratic party once they encountered the Depression, and racism after World War II. He has observed that Republicans do not place blacks in positions of power and authority, and that in order for the party to become stronger, it must begin placing blacks in positions of authority. “Republicans have got to have blacks on the staff level, where people are becoming chiefs of staff, press secretaries in the offices.”


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