Rev. Edward Pinkney

Tuesday, 30 July 2013 | buzz

On Tuesday, July 30th Rev. Edward Pinkney, head of the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO), joined our host Aaron Perry on the 8 O’Clock Buzz. Rev. Edward heads activism against the “Stand Your Ground Law” and the “Emergency Manager Law.”

Rev. Edward’s main focus is on the national and international boycott of the “Stand Your Ground Law” that is currently in 20 states. Rev. Edward says that the law allows people to kill and get away with it, such as the case of George Zimmerman and they killing of Treyvon Martin. He believes that people need to start talking about slavery and race that will help our situation. They plan to attack Florida first with over 100 individuals and organizations that have signed on.

An example of a company who is upset by this boycott is Whirlpool. The Rev. wanted to set up a meeting to discuss the termination of an African-American girl because of what two Caucasian girls had said. However, Whirlpool responded by ignoring what the Rev. said and talked about the boycott instead.

Meanwhile in his home state of Michigan , 7 cities, including Benton Harbor, and 4 school districts are under emergency manager law. The law allows the government to step in and take control at a local level when under financial hardship. Under this law, Rev. Edward explained, “Voting right means nothing.” He and the citizens of the 7 cities in Michigan are standing up and fighting against this law. When they received the amount of signatures they needed to repeal it, the government just went and passed another law with more strength. In Detroit, for example, they have declared bankruptcy but they have 7 billionaires who are buying everything they can get their hands on and taking over Detroit.

Rev. Edward Pinkney will be at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Aug 8-11. He will be speaking at the Democracy Conference.


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