Science as Storytelling, Scientists as Storytellers

Monday, 26 November 2012 | Science

On the November 29th edition of the Perpetual Notion Machine, Kaitlin produced and hosted the show, on science as storytelling and scientists as storytellers.


She brings us three tales on this theme, with four interesting guests:


First, we hear from Bethany Laursen, a graduate student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Forestry Department and the Nelson Institute. She tells the ‘backstory’ of conducting research and living in the Kickapoo Valley. This piece was part of a community story-slam.


Next, Kara Cromwell, a researcher in the UW Center for Limnology, and Dr. Michael Connors of the UW-Madison Art Department discuss their collaborative efforts to present science – particularly ‘gross’ science – in accurate, engaging, and beautiful ways for children.


And finally, Dr. Gwen Ottinger, of the University of Washington-Bothell discusses her participation in “To Think, To Write, To Publish,” an NSF-sponsored project bringing together “next gen” communicators and early career scholars to write creative nonfiction pieces about science and innovation policy.


Stream or download the podcast of the show here:

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