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Tuesday, 11 December 2012 | buzz

On Tuesday, December 11, our host Aaron Perry spoke with Senator Lena C. Taylor from the 4th District of Wisconsin. She speaks about the latest news in the state government. She explains that because the Democrats lost the Senate majority, there has been a lot of shifting of offices.


She says what she is concentrating the most is the police brutality issue in Milwaukee, which she describes as “systemic”. She describes some instances of police brutality, such as not allowing a mother near her dying son, or officers nearly beating a man to the death. “We have a systemic issue here that we have to deal with as a community… There is definitely a systemic racism… Businesses hired individuals who were white males with a felony record when there was a black male who did not have a felony record and had all the credentials necessary for the job. Those are the kind of issues that we’re dealing with in this community, and it’s surely keeping us busy at the local level, and at the state level we are very busy because we have many things trying to take our elections from us…like, ‘what can we do to continue making it difficult for people to vote’.”


Senator Taylor explains that her number one priority is jobs. “People are struggling…and looking for us to create jobs, and a sustained type of living that our citizens desire and deserve.” Her other priority, she explains, is education.


Aaron asks Senator Taylor to speak about how she feels about the future of the nation, “I am encouraged that the President is really trying to make sure we do things in a balanced approach. He provides an opportunity for individuals from different sides of an issue to come together to try to come up with solutions to move forward…. The President has a solid recovery plan, and a vision.” She also explains her concerns at the federal level, “I don’t think there’s anything more important than the fiscal cliff, and I think the states even have to be concerned about the fiscal cliff because it’s going to have an effect on what dollars they are going to get.”


Visit the website of Senator Lena C. Taylor here.


Listen to the interview here:


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