Superweeds In Half Of All US Farms

Monday, 4 March 2013 | buzz
Roger Smith/Flickr

Roger Smith/Flickr

Tom Philpott joined the 8 O’Clock Buzz on Monday, March 4, 2013. Philpott is the co-founder of Maverick Farms, an educational non-profit that promotes community resources and helps reconnect local food networks. Currently he writes the food and agriculture blog for Mother Jones.

Recently Philpott wrote an article for Mother Jones about the growing rate of Superweeds on US farms.

Superweed is a nonscientific term for weeds growing resistant to Round-up. When genetically modified seeds came about in the mid-90’s, engineered to be resistant to Round-up, it revolutionized farming. However scientists almost immediately began saying that eventually weeds would become resistant to Round-up as well. Monsanto, the company who owns the rights to the genetically mortified plant, simply said that this would not happen. However in the early 2000s farmers began to find weeds building residents to Round-up and other pesticides.


Read more articles by Philpott here: Dow and Monsanto Team Up on the Mother of All Herbicide Marketing Plans, and How GMOs Unleashed a Pesticide Gusher

Listen to the interview below:



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