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For the Love of Vinyl

Friday, 12 October 2012 | Molly Stentz
400 Saturdays

400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore is the new book by Madison’s own Kim Johnson-Bair. In an age of digital downloads, live streams, and endless satellite channels, it’s a love letter to an art form that has refused to be dislodged from the hearts of many audiophiles. This anthology features anecdotes from local musicians, DJs, and artists including throat singer extraordinaire d.b pedersen, cartoonist P.S. Mueller, and performance artist Nicole Gruter.   Many WORT DJs, including “Rockin” John McDonald, Bill Malone, and John Kraniak (just to name a few), share memories of their first albums, concerts, and fave music shops and radio stations.   Find it at Madison record shops B-Side and Madcity Music. There’s a happy hour book [...] more »

400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore

Friday, 12 October 2012 | buzz
Kim Johnson-Bair's new release "400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore"

On Friday October 12, host Jonathan Zarov spoke about Kim Johnson-Bair’s new book 400 Saturdays: An Anthology of Vinyl Folklore.   Kim Johnson-Bair began this project six years ago when she decided to work a story based on the experience of vinyl listening. She recounts listening to vinyls every Saturday morning with her brother growing up. Explains DB, “it was their evolution and maturity into actively listening to music”. In the book, Kim provides the personal stories of many, and their relationship to and experience with vinyl listening. DB describes his own experience with vinyl, “there’s a nostalgia to vinyl… there’s a commonality, there’s an unspoken dialogue about vinyl.” He speaks about the manner in which vinyl provides the listener [...] more »

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