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Gar Smith: Nuclear Roulette

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 | buzz
by Gar Smith

On Tuesday Nov 13, our host Aaron Perry spoke with Gar Smith, author of Nuclear Roulette: The Truth about the Most Dangerous Energy Source on Earth. Gar, an environmental activist and writer, has been an outspoken critic of nuclear energy since before writing the book. Listing the difficulty and risk involved with operating old reactors, and citing the incidence of nuclear reactor leaks as some of the dangers posed to humans and the environment, Gar stresses the importance of decommissioning the old reactors. He also explains that the climate change that is now a reality on our planet today is a factor that we must take into account now, because when many of these reactors were designed, the climate issues were not present, “we’re getting storm waves, surges, floods, hurricanes, massive wildfires…that were unprecedented by the people who designed these plants. The NRC [Nuclear Regulatory Commission]has also realized that the danger from earthquakes is triple what they believed it would be for the majority of the US plants.” Says Gar, The Scientific American had predicted, in 2000, the flooding of Manhattan due to storm surges in 2090; however, the reality is that it already happened, in 2012. “So we’re well ahead of the predicted scale of damage that we’re now having to face.” Gar explains that Hurricane Sandy actually knocked down three reactors, and the grave risk it poses to us.   Gar says that there have been nearly 50 major nuclear disasters across the world, including Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and more. He says that the government and the agencies work together to both deny and cover up. “When the radiation level in schoolyards became too extreme [in Japan], the government’s response was to simply increase the permissible level of radiation exposure. When the Fukushima cloud passed over the US, Washington did the same thing; they changed the permissible amount of radiation.” Greenpeace discovered that radiation monitors that had been set up in Japan had actually been placed in areas that had been decontaminated, so it showed a lower level or radiation than there really was in the area itself. Russian engineer and Chernobyl survivor Natalia Mironova was reported as warning, “When there is a nuclear accident, run, run as fast as you can. Don’t believe the government; the government will lie to you.” Gar cites the different threats and dangers that we face from nuclear plants and their. He points to …. more »

Milele Anana – Umoja Magazine

Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | buzz
I Voted

In this special Election Day edition, Milele Chikasa Anana, of Umoja Magazine spoke with our host Aaron Perry on Tuesday, November 6. Milele joins the program to stress the importance of voting. She explains the importance of just one vote, “in 2004, the Mayor’s race in Milwaukee was decided by one single vote…so you’re single individual vote does count. In 1960…the margin of victory that Kennedy had over Nixon was less than 1 voter per precinct…that was a contest that has some similarities and possibilities for this contest. I hope there are people out there who believe that one vote matters.” She stresses the 15th Amendment, which provides each citizen the right to vote, “people can not be denied the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition.”   Aaron asks Milele to describe some of the changes she has seen, over her lifetime. “I think the election of President Obama is definitely a historical event that will go down in the history books. I think he brought in a fresh perspective, and of course he is the first African American [President]. It is only a few years ago that African Americans were fighting to vote. They had to fight voter intimidation, they had to pass a literacy test, they had to pass the grandfather clause, and they had to pay money to vote. And the NAACP and the ACLU and many organizations were fighting that kind of thing…so to have a person elected president, who just, in the past fifty or sixty years, his folks could not even vote, that is a miracle.”   “If you don’t vote, your opinion does not matter,” Milele explains.   Read more about Milele here.   Listen to the entire conversation here: more »

Election Day: Stacy Harbaugh, ACLU

Tuesday, 6 November 2012 | buzz

In this special Election Day edition, our host Aaron Perry interviewed Stacy Harbaugh, Communications Director of the Wisconsin chapter of the ACLU on Tuesday November 6. She is here to speak about voting rights and election issues. The Hotline, 866-Our-Vote, is available all day today for those who have questions regarding voting or wish to report any problems with the polls. Non-partisan attorneys who are specialists in Wisconsin laws will be on the hotline to answer the questions.   While Election Day registration is still possible, there have been other changes made to Wisconsin voting laws, Stacy explains. The corroboration ban will no longer allow for another to vouch for one’s residency should they lack the acceptable documents. Also, the length of time required to establish residency has been extended from 10 days to 28 days. “But fortunately photo ID is not required for registered voters, that’s another big deal,” Stacy says.   Stacy explains that the coalition advocates for people’s voting rights, and provides one such example, “today, if you don’t have a printed version of your bank statement to prove your residency, you can take your smart phone into the polls, and you can sit down and work with poll workers and show them your bank statement online…and that was something we pushed for, and fortunately the government accountability board, which administers our elections, saw the wisdom in that, and they made that a rule and now you can do that in Wisconsin.” Aaron asks Stacy to describe trends that are being seen. Rules and restrictions surrounding poll watchers, Stay explains, is one situation that will be closely watched today. She also explains that convicted felons can not vote until they are “off paper.”   Stacy said to expect lines today at the voting stations, but to remain patient. She stresses that even though the polls close at 8 PM, people can still vote as long as they were in line before that, “Even if its 8 o’clock, if you are in line, you can still vote. Every polling place has workers that have been instructed to send someone to be the marker to see who is at the end of the line. Stay in line, stick with it.”   Hotline: 866-Our-Vote (866-687-8683) Facebook: Wisconsin Election Protection. Twitter: @EPWisco For more information about voting rights materials, visit ACLU Wisconsin   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Matt Garcia: From the Jaws of Victory

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 | buzz
From the Jaws of Victory

On Tuesday October 30, our host Aaron Perry spoke with Professor of Transborder Studies and History at Arizona State University Matt Garcia, author of From the Jaws of History: The Triumph and Tragedy of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement. He speaks about Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers. With his family’s background in farming, he grew up very interested in farming and the history of farm workers specifically. He explains that the conditions of farm workers today could be described as “close to slavery”. Matt affirmed that Cesar Chavez’s efforts were indeed the most successful farm worker movement in the history of the United States, ending the Bracero program, achieving the first farm worker contracts, and bringing about a law that recognized collective bargaining rights for farm workers. However, the book continues into an account of the decline of the farm worker efforts, exploring both the rise and fall of Chavez.   Matt provides the disclaimer that this book is not meant to erode the efforts of collective bargaining and union efforts. Instead, he hopes that his book addresses the issue of learning from mistakes in history. He questions, “how do we learn from the mistakes of a single individual in an autocratic leadership so we can build stronger unions and build stronger leadership when arguing for collective bargaining rights.”   Matt explains, “…Chavez tried to get access to the farms where he could campaign for elections…and the voters rejected it. Instead of learning from that, he began to question the law, and question the people who had been loyal to him, and started looking for conspirators. That’s why he went towards an intentional community and started to purge people from the union for what he had alleged is their disunity and disloyalty.” Matt explains the response to his book so far, “Cesar Chavez is an icon to Mexican Americans…the reality is that this story has not been told because people have not dared to look at the historical records. Yes there have been some people upset with me challenging Chavez’s legend and his legacy, but there are others who have known this history for a long time and been afraid to talk about it and share their perspectives. This book is opening up an important conversation that will allow us to move forward towards that elusive goal of farm worker justice.”   His message to readers is this, “This is a good study in leadership. …. more »

Mentoring Positives

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 | buzz

On Tuesday October 23, our host Aaron Perry spoke with Will Green, the founder of Mentoring Positives. Will has a background in working with children in the juvenile justice system, and he and his wife work primarily with the youth in the Darbo-Worthington neighborhood. “It is essential that the city supports a program like this. We give them a place where [the youth] can come and feel like a family” They work with many mentors in the community, and involve a variety of activities, including family events, to foster a strong sense of community within the children. There will be a banquet  celebrating the 8th anniversary of the program at the Discovery Institute on November 10. Two community leaders will be honored with the Muriel Pipkins Award, in honor of Will Green’s mother, who passed away from breast cancer.   Listen to the interview here: more »

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