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Honeyboy Edwards Interview

Friday, 5 October 2012 | Art Schuna
honeyboy edwards

  I had the privilege of interviewing David Honeyboy Edwards in October 2003. It was a remarkable in that although he was 88 years old at the time, he had an amazing recall of events from his lifetime going back to the earliest days of his life as a blues artist. He got his start in the pre-war era and learned how to busk on the streets from Big Joe Williams. He was one of the last living blues musicians who was a contemporary of Robert Johnson and performed with him. He knew many of the blues greats from the pre-war era. His interview covers not only discussions about many of the bluesmen he worked with over the years but also what life was like at that time. He talks about hoboing to travel from town to town and being harassed by the police. He also talks about his life as a gambler and how to cheat at dice. Honeyboy wrote a book about his life, “The World Don’t Owe Me Nothing” published by Chicago Review Press which is still in press and is definitely worth tracking down as there are very few autobiographies of blues performers from this era. I had the good fortune of seeing Honeyboy in performance on a number of occasions. The last was the next to the last time he ever performed in public at Folklore Village in Dodgeville. He was 95 yeas old. He was joined by Michael Frank, owner of Earwig records who released a number of Honeyboy’s recordings including “Delta Bluesman”, which has his first recording for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress together with more contemporary recordings. All of his recordings are worth having. A few of my favorites are “Mississippi Delta Bluesman” released on the Smithsonian-Folkways label originally in 1970. “Don’t Mistreat A Fool” on the Genes label, “Shake Em On Down” on APO and “White Windows” on Evidence are also favorites. We lost Honeyboy August 29,2011. It marked the end of an era as he was probably the last pre-war performer and the last direct connection to blues artists of that era. Click on the title above to go to the interview.   more »

Bob Koester Turns 80, Delmark’s 60th Anniversary

Friday, 5 October 2012 | Art Schuna
bob koester

    Bob Koester celebrates his 80th birthday this month and his record label, Delmark is celebrating its 60th year in the business. Bob also owns the Jazz Record Mart pictured here. Bob became interested in blues and jazz as a collector of 78 rpm records. He started a record store called Delmar Records named for the street it was located on, Delmar Avenue in St. Louis. Bob first recorded a trad jazz band and then went on to seek out blues performers living in the St. Louis area including Speckled Red, Big Joe Williams, JD Short and James Crutchfield. The label had to change its name from Delmar to Delmark due to copyright issues. Bob moved to Chicago and purchased Seymour’s Jazz Record Mart. I first visited Jazz Record Mart in the 1970s when it was located at West Grand Ave, not far from ‘The Magnificent Mile” on Michigan Avenue. It’s moved a few times since then. Currently located at 27 E. Illinois St, not far from that Grand Avenue location. The store has always carried an amazing inventory of jazz and blues recordings, including both new and used items as well as label overstock and discontinued items. I can usually spend hours going through the bins and dropped a lot of money there over the years. The upside is I often find things I couldn’t find anywhere else. Big Joe Williams used to live in the basement at the Grand Avenue location when he was in Chicago. His 9 string guitar was on display in a showcase at the store at one time. Bob says Delmark has been a labor of love with the record store serving as a cash cow to provide money to produce new records. Delmark has continued to turn out an amazing catalog of blues recordings by performers including Big Joe Williams, Sleepy John Estes, Junior Wells, Magic Sam, Luther Allison and Jimmy “Fast Fingers” Dawkins to name just a few. Delmark is the longest running independent blues and jazz label in the country. This interview was recorded around the time of Bob’s 70th birthday and Delmark’s 50th anniversary as a record label. Click on the title to go to the interview. more »

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