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Monday, May 13 — Madison East and La Follette Kids of 2012-2013

Tuesday, 7 May 2013 | Access Hour

WORT news volunteer and Madison teacher Helena White presents her seventh annual program of words, thoughts, and music from the kids of East High. This year, kids of La Follette High join them. A student or two are also to be in the station to introduce the presented pieces and maybe offer some teen perspective. more »

AVID/TOPS and Youth Governance Program of Dane County

Monday, 6 August 2012 | A Public Affair

On Monday August 6th, WORT summer Intern Jalika Ceesay got the chance to sit behind the microphone and interview her teachers and supervisors involved with the AVID/TOPS program at East High School and the Dane County Youth Governance Program. She had the opportunity to interview her coordinators as well as share her own experiences in these valuable programs. She spoke with Langston Evans , AVID/TOPS Student Coordinator, her AVID/TOPS math teacher at East High School Steven K Somerson and Karissa Propson, Youth Governance Program of Dane County Facilitator. “The AVID/TOPS program is a collaborative effort among a variety of dedicated members of the community. In addition to the TOPS Staff, the AVID Coordinators, and the AVID Elective Teachers, each Madison high school has an AVID/TOPS site team. The site team is made up of teachers, administrators, counselors, that school’s TOPS Student Coordinator, and other school faculty. This group works together to thoroughly develop and support the program at their site, ensure students have access to a rigorous curriculum, and analyze methods to improve student achievement.” -AVID/TOPS “The purpose of the Dane County Youth Governance Program is to offer greater opportunities for youth leadership, development, and empowerment in Dane County through direct participation in county government decision-making; to provide real-life learning opportunities for youth in the functioning of local government; and to bring a direct youth voice to community issues and concerns while fostering the development of confident, capable, and independent leaders for the next generation.” -Youth Governance Program Dane County To learn more about the AVID/TOPS program: To learn more about the Youth Governance Program of Dane County: more »

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