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Professor of History Alfred McCoy

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | buzz
Prof. Al McCoy

On Wednesday November 7, host Jan Miyasaki interviewed Professor Alfred McCoy, Professor of History at UW-Madison. He is the author of ”Torture and Impunity: The US Doctrine… more »

UW-Madison Professor Mary Layoun

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | buzz
Mary Layoun

 On Wednesday November 7, host Jan Miyasaki spoke with Mary Layoun, Chair and Professor of Comparative Literature at UW-Madison. She spoke about the toxicity of political life and the campaign. Mary explains,“The toxicity is worse than I have ever seen it. And the money involved…is just stunning. That piece is so deeply broken, and I would hope that we can come up with ways to address that toxicity. I don’t think we can wait for anybody to fix it…”   Layoun believes that it is important to reclaim democracy at the grassroots level. She comments on the ‘big picture issues’, including campaign finance reform and the use of stealth surveillance systems. She believes that the American public must become more aware of the U.S. Foreign policy and the events occuring in the world. Jan asks Layoun to comment on the distinctiveness between the two crowds present for Romney and Obama last night,“one of the things leaders can do is open a space rhetorically where the rest of us can come in and in fact be integrated… that’s something a leader can enable in multiple ways, party by deliberate inclusion and paying attention to who small groups are supported.”   When Jan asks Mary which question she would present to the President, she explains that she would ask, “How are you going to empower ordinary americans in the next four years to be engaged, to address the multiple problems of this society, rhetorically, materially, and politically, to work together?”   Listen to the interview here: more »

Selena Pettigrew

Wednesday, 7 November 2012 | buzz
AlliedDunnsMarsh map

On Wednesday Nov 7, our host Jan Miyasaki interviewed Selena Petigrew, President of the Allied Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, and founding member and board member of member run and owned cooperative, Allied Wellness Coop.   They speak about the voter turnout in the Allied Dunn’s Marsh neighborhood, where there was, roughly, a 70% turnout. Selena explains that the lines were steady throughout the day, and that voter turnout has increased in her neighborhood ever since the recall election. She explains that the issue most at stake this election was their livelihood. When asked what question Selena would present to the President, if given an opportunity, she said she would ask, “why is there such a difference between communities? My community should be able to get just as much as your community gets… He needs to know that we are all the same.”   She speaks about the voter registration drive efforts that began during the recall movement, and she stresses the importance of having the people within a community step up to take leadership positions, so as to activate others within the community. “Please, support your associations,” Selena says.   Contact Selena at   Listen to the interview here: more »

Star Power

Friday, 21 September 2012 | Molly Stentz

How do you decide who gets your vote? As Charlie Knower of WDRT in Viroqua found, some people turn to the stars. ElectionAstrology by wort-fm more »

Elections in Egypt

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | A Public Affair

Cynthia Lin interviewed The Real News correspondent Jihan Hafiz about her experiences in Cairo during the elections. Egypt’s historical presidential elections took place on May 23rd and May 24th. This Tuesday, Cynthia discussed with Jihan Hafiz the implications of the election in the context of revolution and the desire for deeper change in Egypt. Follow The Real News Network’s coverage of the Egyptian Elections: To listen to the full interview with Jihan Hafiz: more »

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