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Fair Trade Holiday Festival

Friday, 30 November 2012 | buzz
FairTrade Holiday Festival

In this special WORT Birthday Boost edition of the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz on November 30, our host Jonathan Zarov spoke with John Peck and Carol Bracewell of the Domestic Fair Trade Association, to speak about Fair Trade and the 16th Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival. Carol Bracewell is from Community Action Latin America, and John Peck is from InfoShop and Family Farm Defenders. They trace the roots of fair trade to the 1940s and 50’s, post-WWII; it was an effort by church groups to provide economic development opportunities to countries in Europe whose economies were ravaged by the war, importing traditional European handicrafts to the United States. An important component of the Fair Trade concept is the consumer’s right [...] more »

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