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Neighbors Speak Out About New Homeless Shelter

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 | Molly Stentz

You may be listening to “In Our Backyard,” but this story could more appropriately be called “Not In Our Backyard.”   Last Thursday’s public meeting on Dane County’s proposed temporary homeless shelter for the vacant Teen Loft space on East Washington Avenue brought out a number of fuming neighborhood residents.   View Larger Map   Listen to the story:   The temporary homeless shelter seems to have enough favorable local political will to survive. It received funding through the passage of the new county budget approved by the County Board on Monday, November 12th. It was signed into law by County Executive Joe Parisi on Thursday, November 15th.   This story was reported and produced by Tom Powell. It was [...] more »

Occupy Madison encampment faced with 48 hour eviction notice

Thursday, 8 November 2012 | buzz

On Thursday, November 8, Tony Castaneda talks with Daniel Callahan and Brian Gee, homeless residents of Occupy Madison, as well as Brenda Konkel, of the Madison Tenant Resource Center. The 15 tent homeless encampment on the 800 block of East Washington Ave has been served a 48 hour eviction notice by the city of Madison. They will need to leave the premises by Friday Nov 9 at 3pm. Daniel, who has been with the Occupy movement for over a year and homeless in Madison “on and off” since 1979, says that the mayor, who had said that he would hold off on an eviction until they were able to obtain housing, has gone back on his promise. He also says [...] more »

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