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Farm to School

Friday, 7 December 2012 | buzz
Farm to School

On Friday December 7, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks about the Farm to School program, aimed at making it easier for Wisconsin public schools to serve locally grown produce to students. Sara Tedeschi, a specialist at the Wisconsin Farm to School Program and works for the Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems at the state level, and Sarah Elliott, from the REAP Program, speak with Jonathan about the program. There is a growing problem with being able to serve schools produce that was grown locally.   Sara explains why this is, “I think it’s another symptom of globalized food system that we have today. Institutional food service settings are very much part …. more »

Li Chiao-Ping: The Knotcracker

Friday, 30 November 2012 | buzz
The Knotcracker

In this special WORT Birthday Boost edition of the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz on November 30, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with Li Chiao-Ping, of Li Chiao-Ping Dance, about The Knotcracker, which will be opening tonight. The show, which is filled with puns, is a playful take on The Nutcracker, and is considered to have taken on its own tradition in Madison. “It’s about a child, boy or girl, who is trying to work his or her way through life trying to find him/herself.” There are two child and two adult leads.   Li explains, “the show is not to replace [The Nutcracker]. I consider it as …. more »

Fair Trade Holiday Festival

Friday, 30 November 2012 | buzz
FairTrade Holiday Festival

In this special WORT Birthday Boost edition of the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz on November 30, our host Jonathan Zarov spoke with John Peck and Carol Bracewell of the Domestic Fair Trade Association, to speak about Fair Trade and the 16th Annual Fair Trade Holiday Festival. Carol Bracewell is from Community Action Latin America, and John Peck is from InfoShop and Family Farm Defenders. They trace the roots of fair trade to the 1940s and 50’s, post-WWII; it was an effort by church groups to provide economic development opportunities to countries in Europe whose economies were ravaged by the war, importing …. more »

Kim Nielsen: A Disability History of the United States

Friday, 23 November 2012 | buzz
Kim Nielsen

On Friday November 23, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with Kim Nielsen, author of A Disability History of the United States. Kim is a Professor of History and Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and will be in Madison on Tuesday, Nov 27 for a talk on her book. She prefaces her discussion of the book,“I wrote the book because there has been very little discussion about people with disabilities throughout the United States. I start all the way prior to European arrival and carry it up to the present.”   Kim, who studied women in politics, found herself interested in disability history while doing research on Helen Keller. She went through a process of discovery …. more »

Family: Thanksgiving Edition

Friday, 23 November 2012 | buzz
by mdpNY on Flickr

On Friday November 23, in this special Thanksgiving ‘Family’ edition of the Friday 8 O’Clock Buzz, our host Jonathan Zarov speaks with his siblings about the topic of family and the significance of birth order. He speaks with siblings Herb, the oldest, Ira, the middle child, and Marcia, the only girl child and the youngest until Jonathan was born. They speak about the typical stereotypes of birth orders, for example, the oldest child typically has values that are more aligned with the parents, and are more conventional. Herb believes that he somewhat fits into that category, although his family’s perception of him is quite different from that of others in terms of political leaning. Herb also spent time with his …. more »

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