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Steve Hiniker: 1000 Friends of Wisconsin

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 | buzz
Thousand Friends of Wisconsin

On Wednesday November 21, guest host Liz DiNovella, filling in for Jan Miyasaki, spoke with Steve Hiniker, executive director of 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, a member agency group of Community Shares of Wisconsin. 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is a state wide membership-based non-profit organization that promotes healthy communities through good land use policies and smart transportation investments.   Steve explains that a huge focus of his group is transportation: they are working towards getting the state money collected from gas taxes and car registrations to be distributed more towards local transit uses, rather than expanding freeways. Steve says that although a small part of the gasoline tax we pay goes towards fixing local roads, the majority of it is allocated towards freeways and major roads. “The cities are getting less and less money each year. So actually, 80% of the cost of the repairs of the streets in Madison doesn’t come from the gas tax, but the property tax.” According to Steve, the driving rate in Wisconsin has not increased in the past 8 years; “we’ve flattened out and actually gone down. People are actually driving less, but we are still spending more money to expand our freeways….The road builders have equipment that only works on big highways, and so they want to use those machines, and they get a lot of money for that.”   Steve also speaks about public transportation. He says that bus rider-ship in Madison is at an all time high, and that the transportation system works very well, “the problem is the state keeps on giving less and less money. So the city is faced with a conundrum: they are facing an increased demand, but are getting less money from the state.”   For more information about 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, visit their website here.   Listen to the full interview here: more »

Sarah Jaffe: OUR Walmart

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 | buzz
Our Walmart

On Wednesday, November 21, guest host Liz DiNovella speaks with independent journalist Sarah Jaffe. She is covering the story of a group of Walmart workers who are planning to stage a walkout on Black Friday. The workers planning to walk out are members of a union-backed organization called Organization United for Respect at Walmart, or OUR Walmart, and will hold strikes and rallies along with their allies this Friday. Sarah says, “this is some of the most exciting labor organization I’ve seen in my career…the workers are fighting back. And it’s a few workers at each store, it’s not an entire store walking out. They’re not fighting for union representation; they’re fighting for respect on the job.”   There will be a variety of actions this Black Friday, including walk-outs by some workers, picket lines, and prayer vigils. Walmart has filed a National Labor Relations Board complaint accusing the United Food and Commercial Workers Union of un-lawfully organizing picket lines and in store flash mobs. Sarah explains “they’re not fighting to form a union, which is Walmart’s claim. [Our Walmart] is deliberately run very differently from the labor unions we’re used to seeing.”   One of the largest complains the workers have is the issue of under-staffing at both the retail stores and warehouse, and the fact that workers don’t always know how many hours they will be working per week, posing a problem for part-time workers. “Walmart has driven down wages for workers in this country, when the service sector is paying poverty wages. The end game is nobody can even afford to shop at Walmart.”   Visit the website for OUR Walmart at   Visit Sarah Jaffe’s website at   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Boots Riley

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 | buzz
The Coup

On Wednesday October 21, guest host Liz DiNovella plays an interview she conducted with hip-hop artist and activist Boots Riley while he was touring for his new album. His musical group, The Coup, has just come out with a new album called “Sorry to Bother You.”   In the interview, they speak about the tour, the positive response received so far, and the inspiration for his new album. “There was no one thing, I think my tastes and interests are always changing over the years… [For this album] I’ve been reading a lot of Gabriel Garcia Marquez…and I had a more literary idea for the lyric writing.”   Boots Riley is a huge supporter and activist of Occupy Wall Street. He has written in his blog, “Getting involved with a movement will be the thing that makes your work useful and relevant and creative, trust me.”   Boots Riley will be bringing The Coup to the Majestic Theater this coming Monday, November 26. Click here for more information.   Visit his blog here.   Listen to the full interview here: more »

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