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Monday November 19 — Girls Rock Camp

Thursday, 15 November 2012 | Access Hour

Former campers from Madison’s own Girls and Ladies Rock Camps play some acoustic songs and talk about their experiences at camp and how their experiences have shaped them going forward. This means live music on the air again! Beth Kille and Halle Pollay, the founders, talk about the organization and their roles in it. more »

Norma Gay Prewett

Monday, 12 November 2012 | buzz
Norma Gay Prewett

On Monday, November 12, our host Linda Jameson spoke with Madison poet and co-producer Norma Gay Prewett (Gay Davidson-Zielske) about her poetry and the process of writing poetry. She speaks about internal rhyming, the nuances of elements used in poetry, and the interaction of feeling with rhyming to produce poetry. Norma explains that when beginning with a poem, one must first start with emotions. “[Internal rhyming] is a muting effect in that you may place a word that has a general sound in close enough proximity so that your ear will remember it. Mood and tone is very influenced by word choice, by the gut feeling it can cause in you to choose the wrong word. So the …. more »

Occupy Madison encampment faced with 48 hour eviction notice

Thursday, 8 November 2012 | buzz

On Thursday, November 8, Tony Castaneda talks with Daniel Callahan and Brian Gee, homeless residents of Occupy Madison, as well as Brenda Konkel, of the Madison Tenant Resource Center. The 15 tent homeless encampment on the 800 block of East Washington Ave has been served a 48 hour eviction notice by the city of Madison. They will need to leave the premises by Friday Nov 9 at 3pm. Daniel, who has been with the Occupy movement for over a year and homeless in Madison “on and off” since 1979, says that the mayor, who had said that he would hold off on an eviction until they were able to obtain housing, has gone back …. more »

Madison Budget Unveiled

Wednesday, 10 October 2012 | Molly Stentz

Last week, Mayor Paul Soglin unveiled a 266.4 million dollar budget for next year. But the process doesn’t stop here. Now the Common Council will take up the spending plan, and there are sure to be plenty of amendments proposed. Council members met Monday night to begin reviewing the spending plan.   Isthmus reporter Joe Tarr talks with some alders about what services they’ll fight for. Read more about the city’s budget process in this week’s Isthmus.   Budget by wort-fm more »

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