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Norma Gay Prewett – Dec 10

Monday, 10 December 2012 | buzz

On Monday December 10, our host Linda Jameson spoke with Norma Gay Prewett about poetry, and read aloud two of her poems. She also speaks about the process of writing stories and poems. She quotes Ernest Hemingway, who said “write the first true sentence that you know, and the rest will come easily.” She explains that prompts come naturally, and that is where one begins the piece. “The first thing you will write down is a cliché…the job of the poet is to go out and find the closest way you can to communicate [that] to the person out there, and make them believe that they have been there, or are there at that moment.”   Listen to the interview [...] more »

Norma Gay Prewett: Poetry Reading

Monday, 19 November 2012 | buzz

Madison poet Norma Gay Prewett reads her poetry on the 8 O’Clock Buzz with host Linda Jameson on Monday, November 19. She reads from her poetry series inspired from yoga, “Poems for the Poses.” She reads her poems Doing the Down Dog, The Cobra, and The Jack Knife. She also recommends a book, When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. Norma has also written a series of poems inspired from this book, and reads some on air. Norma and Linda also speak about everyday life and narratives.   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

Norma Gay Prewett

Monday, 12 November 2012 | buzz
Norma Gay Prewett

On Monday, November 12, our host Linda Jameson spoke with Madison poet and co-producer Norma Gay Prewett (Gay Davidson-Zielske) about her poetry and the process of writing poetry. She speaks about internal rhyming, the nuances of elements used in poetry, and the interaction of feeling with rhyming to produce poetry. Norma explains that when beginning with a poem, one must first start with emotions. “[Internal rhyming] is a muting effect in that you may place a word that has a general sound in close enough proximity so that your ear will remember it. Mood and tone is very influenced by word choice, by the gut feeling it can cause in you to choose the wrong word. So the best poems [...] more »

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