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Out of Jail, and Out of Luck?

Monday, 2 December 2013 | buzz

Each month, the Monday Eight O’Clock Buzz checks in with the Wisconsin Center For Investigative Journalism for an update on their work to “protect the vulnerable, expose wrongdoing and seek solutions.” A third of all men in Wisconsin prisons and two thirds of incarcerated women have diagnosed mental illnesses. Many require a regular regimen of medications. Medicine is provided in prison and jail, but what happens when inmates are released through parole or at the completion of their sentence? How do they get the medical treatment they need? The Center for Investigative Journalism’s Nora Hertel joined host Brian Standing to bring the story to light. more »

Disability politics, Institutionalization and Prisons

Wednesday, 13 March 2013 | A Public Affair

On Wednesday March 13th, host Karma Chavez interviewed Dr. Liat Ben-Moshe, post-doctoral fellow at the University of Illinois-Chicago, about disability politics, institutionalization and prisons. more »

Monday February 4 — The 11X15 Campaign for Justice

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 | Access Hour

Members of WISDOM and individuals associated with the Wisconsin prison systems discuss the 11X15 Campaign for Justice to decrease the number of incarcerated people in Wisconsin and promote alternatives to incarceration in the state by 2015. The program features discussion, contact information, what listeners to the program can do, and responses to listener phone calls. To prepare for the program or to follow up afterward, more information about the Campaign can be found in the internet at more »

Monday October 15

Sunday, 14 October 2012 | Access Hour

ELEVEN BY FIFTEEN for a Safer, Healthier Wisconsin: A statewide, interfaith coalition is campaigning to reduce Wisconsin’s prison population by half by 2015. On this WORT On-air Pledge Drive program, find out why, and how! Fawn, Jerome, and Karmen will also take your phone calls about the subject if you’d like to make them. more »

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