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Travel Apps and Websites For All Your Globetrotting Needs

Friday, 21 June 2013 | buzz

Jonathan Zarov was joined on the Friday Buzz by Sandee Seiberlich from UW Madison’s Department of Information Technology. She provided us with a list of apps and companion websites that can be helpful while traveling. more »

Tech Talk- Women In Technolgy

Friday, 8 March 2013 | buzz

Every second Friday of the month Sandee Seiberlich joins the 8 0’Clock Buzz to talk technology with Jonathan Zaroz. This week, however, instead of the normal banter over iphones, facebook and robots, the two talk about women in technology. A fitting segment because today, March 8th, 2013, is international women’s day. more »


Friday, 8 February 2013 | buzz
Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 10.29.38 AM

    On Friday, February 8th, 2013, Sandee Seiberlich spoke with Jonathan Zarov for this months edition of Tech Report. Once a month Seiberlich comes by the station to discuss technology. This week they focus on landlines. Do they exist anymore? Well, actually, over half of America still use landlines. Are landlines on the way out? Are we at the point where it makes sense for a household to only use cell phones? Listen to the always informative and entertaining Tech Report.    If you have a tech topic you’d like Seiberlich and Zarov to discus for an upcoming Tech Report contact Jonathan at here.   I’ve also included a link to a relevant music video.   more »

Sandee Seiberlich Tech Report: Buy Local

Friday, 14 December 2012 | buzz

On Friday Dec 14, Jonathan Zarov speaks with Sandee Seiberlich for this edition of the 8 O’Clock Buzz Tech Report. Today they speak about buying local gifts online.   Sandee speaks about a variety of gift ideas that can be bought that are local, including the Wisconsin Historical Society’s State Capitol Ornament Liberty, featuring the liberty mosaic in the capitol. A part of the proceeds go towards the Capitol Renovation project. Also provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society is the Locally Yours, 2013 Art Calendar, produced by the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission. The Historical Society also has a series of marionettes, including Gaylord Nelson, Frank Lloyd Wright, Bob LaFolette, Hank Garin, and John Muir. Sandee speaks about a series of other gift ideas from other establishments, including Budget Bicycle Center, Wisconsin Union Terrace Stores, and donating money to Community Shares on behalf of a gift recipient. View the full list here.   Visit the Buzz Bin Tumblr website for the full description.     Listen to the interview here: more »

Tech Report with Sandee Seiberlich: Project Management Tools

Friday, 16 November 2012 | buzz

On Friday November 16, host Jonathan Zarov brings the Tech Report with Sandee Seiberlich, discussing tools to assist with Project Management. Sandee recommends that before purchasing anything, one should first evaluate the project itself, and determine what is needed from the tool, “are you going to be just using it as a planning tool? Keeping a task list? Sharing or collaborating on documents?” She also suggests considering whether the product is to be primarily run on the computer itself, or be web-based. Also, she recommends searching for a companion application for a smart phone or other devices.   Sandee provides a review of Microsoft Project: she says that though it can manage resources and time, it is not meant to be a collaborative tool and that it is not Mac friendly. It is not necessarily intended for small projects either; rather, it is directed towards medium to large projects. Basecamp, Sandee says, is a relatively good tool for managing several projects. Sandee explains that she herself uses a Wiki, which she says is a good collaborative tool. “That way I can bring in my Microsoft project Gantt chart, construction drawings, pictures.” She also mentions Google Drive, “it’s a great tool, but not everyone has the same success level with it.”   The following articles provide a list of recommended project management tools: Free Project Collaboration Tools That Rock (from Tech Republic) 30 Greatest Online Project Management and Collaborative Tools for Easy Communication (from Web Design)   Listen to the entire interview here: more »

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