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The Paul Heenan Public Hearing

Friday, 1 February 2013 | buzz
paulie heenan

Last week we had Amelia Royko Maurer and Stephanie Rearick in the studio to talk about the tragic death of Madison musician Paul Heenan. Heenan was shot to death by a police officer in early November of last year. The circumstances of his death have left many friends and neighbors asking questions about the police’s policies. more »

Months After Paulie Heenan Shooting, Many Questions Still Unanswered

Thursday, 24 January 2013 | buzz
paulie heenan

    Amelia Royko Maurer spoke with Tony Castaneda today about the tragic events surrounding Paulie Heenan. Paulie Heenan was shot to death by a Madison police officer on Baldwin Street in early November of 2012. Maurer, a musician, worked closely with Heenan in the recording studio. She described Heenan as having maternal instincts in the studio. Heenan aided musicians through the recording process not just as a studio engineer but also as a caring adult. The two soon developed a strong friendship and later Maurer let Heenan stay at her apartment for some time. He was supposed to be staying at her apartment the night he had been shot. The police report states that on the night of the [...] more »

“Fixing the Future”

Thursday, 12 July 2012 | A Public Affair

On Thursday July 12th, Allen Ruff hosted a program on “Fixing the Future;” contemporary alternative workers’ and consumers’ experiments – coops, time banks, etc. He interviewed Stephanie Rearick: founder and Director of the Dane County TimeBank and Project Coordinator of Time For the World/ Build For the World. In addition to her work in timebanking, Rearick is co-owner of Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse. Rearick worked for Greenpeace for six years of young adulthood, helped launch Madison Hours local currency in 1995 and served for several years on the steering committee of independent local political party Progressive Dane. Rearick also works as a musician. Allen also interviewed John Conowall: driver at Union Cab. He also works with cooperative outreach and development through MadWorC. Conowall is passionate about [...] more »

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