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Monday, June 16th — Weird Wisconsin: a One-Act Play

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 | Access Hour

This happens to be the second Monday of the summer on-air Pledge Drive — But it really features “Weird Wisconsin,” a one-act play by TAPIT/New Works in collaboration with guest artists who have been working with the Whitehorse Middle School Drama club. It’s about the amazing history of little-known Wisconsin women. The play was for performance at Whitehorse Middle School and Schenk and Sandburg Elementary schools, but we get a look at it right here! The students developed the script with Danielle Dresden of TAPIT/New Works, and stage direction is by TAPIT’s Donna Peckett. Fabu gave a poetry workshop for the students, and poems are included in the play. Rebecca Sites designed the costumes and set pieces, which we must see here in [...] more »

Monday, May 19th — Students of Madison East High School

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 | Access Hour

Helena White, a staff member at Madison East High School and WORT IOBY volunteer reporter, provides her 8th annual expanded, hour-long vision of students attending East, highlighting particular problems and accomplishments…including life as a transgender student and life as a homeless student as well as performances on piano and song…The kids from Madison East High share, talk and perform to give us a flavor of life in the school and its district. more »

Monday, May 5th — Waunakee Students on Wisconsin Places

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 | Access Hour

Waunakee High School librarian works with social studies teacher and social studies students to produce public information works on Wisconsin-related topics. They’re focused on exploring local places, events, and people – featuring places they (and you) can actually visit themselves (and yourselves). more »

Monday, May 6 — So What Do You Know About Beloit?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013 | Access Hour

The originally-scheduled host, Dr. V, has had to cancel and will reschedule for some time in the fall. But, some kids from the south part of the listening area have jumped in on short notice to produce an exciting program…about Beloit Memorial High School and its home, the city of Beloit! So you think you know about Beloit? Poor Rock River city?…lost industry?…poorest school district in the state?…disadvantaged?…rich lady talking to Governor Walker about crushing unions with right-to-work laws?…. There’s more! A bunch of students from Beloit Memorial High School will produce an Access Hour program to showcase their school — it’s more than a losing football team! They’ll talk about their award-winning newspaper, the Increscent, the oldest student paper [...] more »

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